White Zebra Mille Crepe

$4.70 · 6 Reviews

Personal go-to for affordable crepe cakes! Soft, light and fluffy but a satisfying one 🤤

Ended up buying the same ones that I know will be good. Between white zebra and green zebra, I still prefer white zebra! 💕 #millecrepe #burpplesg #burpple


Voted as #1 in their store. It has a very soft and nice texture while slicing my fork thru it but the taste is quite norm. It's like vanilla cream flavoured crepe 》$4.70

Nothing beats Lady M crêpes 🤔


Another #musttry cake at @chateraise.singapore! One of the best I've tried. 😋👍🏻 I love how the cake reminded neat and not falling apart even to my last bite. ☺️👍🏻

Having tried quite a number of different Mille crepe cakes in Singapore, Chateraise's best seller White Zebra has a softer texture though the pastry cream is slightly sweeter and does not harden after being refrigerated. It also differs with its light sponge cake base and the price is an absolute steal ($4.70/slice).

Was pretty much love at first sight seeing this in the display fridge because I love Mille Crepes. This one came with a sponge cake underneath. Loved the thick, torched layer of caramel that sits atop the top layer of the Mille Crepe which was rather strong. Vanilla pastry cream was also aromatic and light, spread in between each layer while the sponge below was light and fluffy. A great alternative version which is even less than half the price of the one from a particular New York patisserie, though the downside is you would have to find your own seats and your own fork.