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Claypot Grouper Fish Head With Vegetables

3 Reviews

Situated in a coffee shop just opposite Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) headquarters, Hong Sheng Restaurant is a Zi Char place that serves Cantonese Style comfort food since the early 70s.

The dishes come in adequate portions for sharing among groups and operates from 5 pm to 10.30pm daily. Do not expect much ambience and expect to wait for a table. They serve their food quick but unfortunately with a poor attitude which makes the dining experience less enjoyable. Alright, let’s talk about the food.

One of their signature dishes is their Claypot Grouper Fish Head. It comes piping hot in a large clay pot. It consists of vegetables, yam, tofu, and pork belly. Flavour wise it doesn’t taste as promising as it looks as the gravy was too salty for my liking and a little fishy.


Decided to try the fish head clay pot since it was on every table. It was a HUGE fish head and the meat was fresh and sweet. Love how it has huge chunky taro!!! ^^ har cheong gai was just nicely fried and marinated :D

Claypot Fishhead. #burpple