Garlicky (Chicken/Tenders/Wings!)

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the garlicky chicken was recommended by the waiter, but personally i thought it was just okay. it was pretty tender and the skin was crispy but the sauce didn’t really come through. portions were big!

Used Burpple Beyond to get 1-1 on this as well as Garlicky Chicken ($28.90) to share among 3 pax. The sauce is rather spicy so do take note when ordering! They dont have an option of having it less spicy. The dish came with rice, fries and sweet potatoes. The carbs definitely helped with the spiciness from the gravy. The rice was really good! Tasted like the rice from their sister restaurant Masizzim πŸ‘

The whole meal was really filling and value for money with Burpple Beyond. Would revisit!

Used Burpple Beyond to get 1-1 on this as well as Spicy Chi-bap ($32.90). Garlicky chicken was rly good! The chicken was tender and the seasoning on point πŸ‘Œ portion was big and good for sharing. We had the two dishes for three people and we were stuffed.

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Nice jjampong taste/soup similarities but tangmyeon glass noodles seems to have been replaced with vermicelli (rice noodles) alike. Perhaps it does not fit with the authenticity, nor the flavour the dish carries. Apart from that, it feels like chemical heat/capsicum is being used more this time. The Garlicky Chicken is still good but as many commented, portion for full is too large. Highly recommended for the chicken here (oven baked might be healthier).

Used Burpple Beyond for this for two pax, but really, you should save the deals for a larger group because the portions are really intense!! Their Korean fried chicken was so good though, I was stuffed to the brim but still slowly continued to stuff my face.

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Wind down after a long work day at this popular fried chicken joint. Good for sharing between two to three, the Garlicky Chicken ($28.90) sees succulent, well-seasoned meat topped with bits of fried garlic. If you're hungry, go for the decadent Cheesy Dakgalbi ($32.90), comprising roasted chicken thigh and tteokbokki marinated in a sweet-spicy barbeque sauce, surrounded by a pool of melty mozerella cheese in a hot pan.
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Best place to satisfy Korean fried chicken cravings. Just imagine this: biting into the super-duper-tender, well-seasoned-to-the-core chicken meat. There are also some bits of garlics - really fragrant and delish. Had me craving for more! Best to be shared with 2-3 people. Another plus: Dining at chirchir invokes no dirtying of fingers as there are mini tongs and gloves to pick up the chicken!


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Had a fried chicken craving and so here we are. The garlicky chicken is an all time favorite for us but the original crispy chicken is not to be missed too!