Garlicky (Chicken/Tenders/Wings!)

$28.90 · 3 Reviews

🙌 The Vampire Killers ($28.90) - a somewhat strange allocation of names given the fact that the garlicky wings are tons more hostile to garlic-haters than this version. Still, It's lack of floury fried skin makes it a healthier choice and I would surely pick these if I were leaning towards something both prominently garlicky and spicy

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4.5 munchies: One of my top picks from yesterday's Christmas lunch, the Garlicky Chicken was marinated in special soy sauce and fried to a crisp perfection. Besides the garlic flake sprinkles that gave the chicken more crunch and flavour, the marinade-coated chewy rice cakes also added texture to the dish. There is NO WAY you could stop at just one, or two pieces!

This was a hosted meal by Chir Chir at its newest Chinatown Point outlet.


Here i am at @ChirChirSG newest outlet at Chinatown Poiny, digging into a mountain of 🌶{Spicy wings and Garlicky wings}... *nom nom* - the latter sure a footprint of spice on your lips while the latter was just a wee bit sweet with the special soy sauce costing. Favourite of the lot... Those Vampire Killer drumettes ~ on hindsight, I think I OD-ed on chicken

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