Duck Burger

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Working Title has been on my radar for quite some time but I don’t know why I never bothered trying their burgers before, and I’m pretty damn pissed with myself for not trying them earlier. Finally got the push I needed to head down and get my hands on one of these masterpieces because I saw that they were on Burpple Beyond and let me tell you this, if I try something on Burpple Beyond and after that say that I would pay full price for it, you know this shit be banging. Was skeptical about the duck burger but decided to YOLO and give it a go and hot damn it was a good YOLO. Idk what they did with the duck but the marinade was on point and it was wedged between two ultra crisp and fragrant charcoal buns that didn’t lose their texture even after I spent a solid 15 minutes snapping photos of my food (what a insta hoe I am). The fries just sealed the damn deal for me. They were THICCCCC and outrageously crispy yet the potato insides were oh-so-soft and fluffy, UGH. Will be back. I miss their burgers already.

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Beef Baconator was normal with the grilled beef patty and crispy turkey bacon topped with cheddar, caramelised onions, meslcun & garlic mayonnaise sauce. However, the burger bun and patty was dry that made it average.

Darkwing Duck Burger was delicious! Served with the charcoal buns, the smoked duck topped with sunny side up, cheddar, mesclun and glazed hoisin sauce was a great combination that melts into the mouth, this is strongly recommended!

Duck burger ($17.90++)

Had this with burrple beyond 1 for 1 so it was really worth it. Fries portion was substantial and i liked that they were nice to the bite.. crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and also well seasoned. The smoked duck burger with charcoal bun tasted really good, just that as with smoked duck slices, harder to cut and chew. Other than that, would say that the burger was on point.

Tried the Baconator ($17.90+, front)! It features the standard beef patty with beef bacon, caramelised onions and garlic aioli. Found the bacon a bit too thick and tough and the aioli lacking in flavour, but I love working title’s patties! It never fails with its juicy goodness. The duck burger ($17.90+, back) comprises smoked duck with a charcoal bun.

If burgers are what you're craving for, make a beeline to this North Bridge Road joint. Burppler Esther Neo "would 10/10 recommend" the Cheese and Whiskers ($14.90), featuring toasted brioche buns, juicy beef patty, and melted cheese. If you're feeling duck, the Darkwing Duck Burger ($18) with smoked duck, rosti and hoisin sauce might be up your alley.
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If you're looking for a lunch spot to house the entire team, this one's got plenty of seats and variety in the menu to please everyone. What we enjoy most about the burgers are those toasted brioche buns — so soft and fluffy! Go for the Darkwing Duck Burger ($18) with smoked duck, rosti and hoisin sauce.
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Darkwing Duck burger comes with hoisin sauce. Holy Guacamole burger is beef with avocado and BBQ sauce. Side was battered brinjal. I enjoyed everything!

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The #duckburger was full on carbs with a crisp bun being filled with rosti; An odd combination that somehow worked. Would have liked for more smoked duck than rosti & perhaps a bit more sauce to bring the flavour level up a notch. When we first saw the #smokedsalmonpizza, we wondered if we were served the wrong dish cause the salmon was nowhere to be found. Turns out it’s hidden under the cheese layer. The pizza crust could have been crispier and there was a bit too much cheese that overpowered the salmon but overall, the flavours came together nicely.
📍@workingtitlesg, 48 Arab Street (near Bugis Mrt)

Rate from 1-10, ITS 20!
Service: we decided to sit outside due to better lighting and more spacious! The guy took the initiative to turn on the ac for us. 4/5
Food: we ordered the dancing duck burger ($18), Hawaii 5-o ($16), truffles (?-I forgot the name, $10) The proportion was amazing, the burgers came with truffle fries on the side. Will definitely go back during 11-3pm, set lunch for cheaper options. 20/10 fries were fantastic, the crispness is on point, no excess oil, so it doesn't feel guilty.
Homemade ice tea: HELLNO! I don't understand it's flavor. Is the ILT, earl Grey, lavender mixed and add a slice of lemon? It's gross. Weird.
It's halal too, but Chinese approved!! 😝😝