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Definitely preferred the steaks at CUT to Bedrock. Fats to meat ratio which contributed to the juiciness of the steak was really to our liking. The quality of their meats and service are just superb.
USDA Prime Porterhouse (For Two) 990g SGD195.00

For the steak purist, CUT offers a wide variety of high quality cuts that is worth every calorie and cents. Some less exclusive, but slightly more affordable varieties at CUT by Wolfgang Puck include their American prime steaks (S$70-100), Australian grain-fed Angus (S$90-180). The more premium cut will be the Japanese 100% Wagyu from Shiga Prefecture ranging from S$210-280.

So, USDA prime graded steak are known to be delightfully tender and juicy with a buttery flavor which makes it distinctively superior to any other steak. Of all the beef produced in the US, less than 2% is certified as USDA Prime.

Very pleased that my steak arrived charred to caramelised perfection, sporting a gorgeous medium rare centre. Every bite was immensely flavorful, owing to the incredible marbling and intense beef flavor from the dry aging process.


Lately, Beef tartare has been one of my must order item in a steakhouse! Even though the fundamental a list of ingredients required to assemble the dish, the renditions I have come across have been quite varied.

For this, the quality of USDA Prime Beef was evident from the first bite! I like that we got to mix in the yolk of the Quail Egg which really binds the ground meat blend giving it a nice creaminess

One of the best steaks are served at CUT! Lovely ambience though a little noisy.. but the food well makes up for it. The cut of filet Mignon was so tender, it literally melts in the mouth! So good!!!


【Medium Rare Steaks】
The absolute choice for the real beef eater. In order to taste the beefy-ness of the the meat, medium rare must be the only choice. Other than that, you are either cold blooded or might as well go for chicken or pork and please do not ruin the perfect cut of the meat. *with great respect for my animal friend*

β€’ American Rib Eye Steak is a delicious balance of savory taste and firm, yet tender. You practically could enjoy the luxurious eating experience of Maeba Ling for the optimal juice was and flavor of the ribeye.

β€’ Miyazaki is reputable of their Japanese A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon, this filet is out of this world! Each bite just exploded with juice and flavor, you do not need any sauce or seasoning. The experience was just amazing, almost brought me back to Japan .
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The first thing they'll do is to check if you have a reservation. You may have one, or you may not. It's just like boarding a plane, you have to check-in. It's a culinary journey after all, an exciting jaunt to Steak City.

The second thing that they'll check with you is your preferred type of water, whether you'll prefer it still or sparkling. The server looks very good, nearly as that of an airline steward/stewardess. But you are not on a plane, you are eating First Class, not flying it. They are not asking you to choose between chicken or fish.

You don't have to choose between either still or sparkling. You can choose tap. We don't all fly Business Class. You may have flown before, and you know how many emergency exits there are. But there are also people who've never been on a plane and don't know where the whistle on their life jacket is. Consider this a friendly pre-flight warning.

Obviously I didn't only have Fiji water there. Want to know what else I had? More importantly, did it... Make the CUT?

Find out here:

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Was surprised that i actuallu managed to walk in without reservation πŸ˜…. Weekday huh? Was not over the top fancy

Steak Tartare ($33)-chef's reccomendation is to mix the quail egg and spread on to the bread. While it was good that way, i enjoy it more just eating the tartare on its own.4/5


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