Hokkien Mee

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After a late night movie sesh with the gang, move the party over to this supper spot for giant plates of good-for-sharing noodles. Get the Hokkien Mee (from RM9.90), Cantonese Fried Yee Mee (from RM9.90) and the Signature Fried Lala (from RM20) to share. Pro tip: Swing by later in the night as it gets super crowded during peak dinner hours.
Photo by Burppler Mimi Cheng

Hokkien Mee(4 person), Hokkien Mihun(2 person) and Fried Rice (1 person)
1 person - RM 9.00
2 person - RM17.00
3 person - RM24.00
4 person - RM30.00
This place is a pretty famous spot to eat Hokkien Mee and it's pretty obvious why once you've tasted it. The 'Char'-style Hokkien Mee looks and tastes super amazing as it's drowning in aromatic dark sauce with plenty of crunchy pork lard sprinkled onto the noodles. The noodle-veggie-protein ratio was just right too! The chili sauce and pickled chilis that were served as condiments really helped to cut through the richness of the whole dish. We also got Fried Rice and Hokkien Mihun. The Mihun disappointed me a little because they put too many vegetables into the dish without enough mihun noodles. The Fried Rice was quite good and had a good 'wok hei' flavour. My tips for ordering portions here is to order a portion for less people than you have in your party so you have enough room for other dishes! They have a section with and without air-con so you can decide which you prefer, although it can get pretty crowded during peak hours and days. I would rate this 8/10.
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One of the reasons I head up to KL is for this black gooey umami-licious noodles!
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Not to be confused with Penang's version of Hokkien mee known as Har Mee/Prawn mee, the Penangites would call this the 'Tua Pui Mee' (Fat Noodles). This type in particular is doused in dark fragrant sauce and stir fried together with prawns, cabbage and strips of pork, topped with crispy fried pork lard which is essential to the making of good Hokkien Mee, otherwise known as Char Mee. A single serving portion here starts at RM9 per plate, and I'd suggest topping up with extra crispy pork lards (RM0.5-RM1). Enjoyed every bite of this full-bodied dish and I didn't mind that the sauce tasted a tad bit on the sweeter end.
Alternate KL Hokkien Mee restos: Kim Lian Kee or Restoran Sentul Ah Yap Hokkien Mee.

A yummy dinner of hokkien mee!! It's just a delicious noodle cooked with love, great flavours & with that powerful breath of the wok that gives it so much of depth in character & flavour! Truly a satisfying dinner #hokkien #mee #damansara #uptown #foodie #dinner #afoodiesaffair #delicious #chinese #foodporn #foodgasm #happy #igmy #foodiepic