Garlic Butter Chicken Bowl (Lunch)

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My third time at Tanuki Raw, and all three times I visited the branch at National Design Centre. I really like it because it’s nestled in a boutique accessories/design shop and feels artsy 😝

I’ve tried a couple of rice bowls - spicy miso char siew, garlic butter chicken, and now yuzu salmon miso. The rice bowls have been consistently good! The bowl looks small but the portion is actually pretty filling. And the Japanese rice, yumz.

My fav of the three rice bowls I’ve tried would be the garlic butter chicken - the chicken was crispy yet tender and the garlic butter was fragrant. Was slightly disappointed by the yuzu salmon miso though, because the yuzu taste wasn’t very obvious, though the sauce was tangy and quite refreshing. ☺️ And I’ve had better salmon elsewhere.

Have also tried their WHAM fries in the past, which is basically sweet potato fries + marshmallow + melted cheese + avocado. Sounds like it might be bad but it’s actually strangely good! Hahaha 😆 It’s one of those things that sounds terrible but turns out pretty delish. Worth a try I’d say.

$16 // pan-fried chicken cutlet (which was rly juicy and not dry at all) covered in garlic brown butter sauce, mushrooms and an onsen egg on top of fragrant japanese rice!! mix it all up together for the best combination of savoury with hints of teriyaki sweetness in each bite 🤤🤤

Decided to order something else instead of my usual beef bowl. This was so good - the chicken was so tender and I love the garlic butter sauce! Topped up $2 for the set - miso, salad and green tea :)

Second time to try it out different donburi. Saw on the banner at the national design centre and they have offered $10+ selected donburi (Garlic Butter Chicken Donburi, Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl and Spicy Miso Char Siew) during lunch hour. Garlic Butter Chicken Donburi consist of marinated chicken with garlic sauce, onsen egg and pickles.


Tender slices of chicken drizzled with brown butter teriyaki sauce. Savoury but couldn't really taste any garlic at all since am a huge fan of garlic dishes.


But don't worry! Your name was mentioned in our conversations. 😉 @joannetye

🍚 : Garlic butter chicken - Pan-fried chicken cutlet, garlic brown butter teriyaki sauce, mixed mushrooms over Tanuki's signature rice

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Pan-fried chicken cutlet, garlic brown butter teriyaki sauce, and mixed mushrooms over Tanuki's signature rice. (Delivered by @Uber_SING #UberEATS; use 'eats-uberbryandmlee' for $10 off your first order!)


Pretty awesome stuff.

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