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Raspberry Mochi Balls with Cookie Butter Soft Serve

$15.00 · 12 Reviews

I’ll admit that I haven’t tried every single one of the things in Brother Bird’s Edible Giftbox, but among the ones that I have, the Raspberry Mochi Donut is my favourite!

The glaze is meek in its sweetness, and is punctuated with a mild pulse of tartness from the dried raspberry bits. The donut itself, which is my favourite part, was dense and chewy (albeit a little greasy).

Somehow, I feel like the resistance and the elasticity that every bite embodies would normally be met with flak. However, in Brother Bird’s case, it feels so fitting and in fact, sensible to the point of being inherent. It’s not surprising though, given they’ve taken their time (months, specifically) under wraps in navigating towards the perfect recipe for these. (7.5/10)


Nothing beats the heat of summer more than a slice of cold watermelon, and now you can have the same cooling down effect without the messy explosion of juices and disposing the skin with this watermelon soft serve. The sorbet stays up for quite a long time, allowing you to enjoy the melting sweetness in your mouth.
The name derives from the accompanying fried mochis surrounding the swirl, and as you may have guessed they encased molten raspberry coulis - not quite possible to pop them in your mouth given the size, so do cut them open gingerly to release the filling. I thought these were too sweet, so I'll probably get just the watermelon sorbet solo on my next visit.

This was really a new change from the usual milky and heavier soft serves, especially for people like @ksherena who didn't like the heavier kind will definitely welcome this!

Move aside, Pumpkin & Welcome Watermelon!! This coming Wednesday @brotherbirdsg will be launching new soft serve flavour, Watermelon. This refreshing flavour is dairy-free so it's icy unlike their other flavours. Have it in a cup ($7) or together with their oozing Raspberry Mochi Bursts ($15), it's your choice~

Finally having a taste of Brother Bird’s mochi donut balls with @cweizhi, all thanks to @Burpple!

Served with cookie butter soft serve, the rose scented raspberry mochi donut balls were amazeballs. You can expect a slight sourness from the raspberries that was encased and balanced with fragrant rose flavour, reminding me strongly of ispahan. The delightful combination and contrast of the warm chewy donuts with their signature swirl, was surprisingly refreshing too. Topped with crunchy bits of dehydrated raspberry, the soft-serve does turn into a melting mess fast so be sure to get a spoon to enjoy the treat that just bursts with fruity and floral notes.


Bursting rose scented raspberry donut-mochi balls with cookie butter softserve. Who would have thought of such a combination? I enjoyed the variation of texture on this plate from the addition of the unsung heroes - dehydrated raspberry bits and pie crumbs. The oozing donut balls were soft and slightly chewy with a generous amount of that sweet smelling filling. The buttery softserve melts really fast though so quickly get your picture and enjoy! We took a little too long and ended up with a mini cookie butter pool which I scooped up with a fork ops. Hahaha pass me a spoon please! The Pumpkin Pie Softserve is no longer for sale at Brother Bird as they are prepping to launch a whole new flavour. Can't wait to see what's up Bird's sleeves!


I poked the donut and it keep bleeding. Keep keep bleeding. Bleeding red ooze all over my ice cream.
So I ate all the donuts so that it won't bleed any more.


We got to sample their 2 new items such as
Matcha Bursts - Matcha and white chocolate filled mochi balls with pumpkin soft serve

Raspberry Bursts - Rose filled mochi balls with cookie butter soft serve.

Sincere thanks to @brotherbirdsg for hosting us.


So do head over to try especially in this crazy weather!
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The contrast between the warm donut balls and cold soft serve is such a treat under this scorching weather!

Glutinous rice is used in their mochi donut balls for its distinctive, soft chewy texture and are freshly prepared, which are fried and gorgeously puffed, spurting the oozing filling in your mouth! These balls are to die for and no BALLS can ever escape from my mouth!

Thank you @statelandcafe @brotherbirdsg for the invitation and the warm hospitality! Catch up soon again! 😊😊😊