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Loh Mee

RM6.90 ยท 4 Reviews

Before this I was always have this skeptical thinking with Loh Mee, thick vinegarish tasting noodle. It's not the best meal that I would go for if I were to have other choices. But after today, my perception of Loh Mee has changed.

We visited Hock Kee Ulu Yam Loh Mee Restaurant and ordered their Loh Mee (duh? lol RM6.9) and their Homemade Mee Soup (RM6.9). Our dishes came pretty fast in a pretty big portion for one person and I couldn't wait to dig in right away. The Loh Mee gravy wasn't very thick it's rather a bit liquid, nor too vinegarish taste (I don't fancy thick vinegar taste in my meal) which is perfect in my opinion. Scoop on their homemade chili paste inside their small containers and trust me, it'll become the most mind blowing Loh Mee experience you'll ever had!

The Homemade Mee Soup was made using the Loh Mee thick noodle too, rather than using the thick gravy, they use soupy, pepperish tasting pork broth served with handful of veggies and egg inside. It'll make a real perfect "sick day" meal I would say :)

For the drink you might want to give their roselle tea (RM3) a try. Roselle tea tastes a bit sourish and packed with lots of antioxidant. They serves it both warm or cold, with sea bird nest bits that they say is rich in natural collagen ๐Ÿ˜

Tip: Cash only, children friendly, non-air-conditioned, finding parking was relatively easy.


Lor Mee is a Chinese noodle dish, consisting of thick flat yellow noodles in starchy gravy cooked with eggs, meat and veggie. It has always been my comfort food when I needed something simple and delicious. To suit my personal taste, I love adding vinegar into the bowl of hot soupy goodness. Portion was pretty generous here, and it only costs RM 6.9, which is a reasonable deal to me.

Was surprised that the portion was quite huge for RM6.90! It has a slight hint of vinegar that gives a nice touch to the taste. For something simple, this loh mee is definitely satisfying for everyone.


RM6.90 - RM17 for Loh Mee from Ulu Yam whether for individual stomachs or big families, have it here in SS2 on a rainy day, just a couple of doors away from Original Kayu Nasi Kandar around the corner. Not for those without an asbestos tongue, this piping hot bowl is way more tummy-warming than you think. Add vinegar at your own will and enjoy spotting little pieces of pork lard in your bowl ;)