Ah Gong Fried Chicken And Ah Ma Noodles

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Quite a generous serving of crisssspy garam masala fried chicken (chop). The accompanying ah ma noodles is skinny la mian and tasted like... kolo mee - seasoned with onion oil and soy sauce. It was nice but I won't be in a hurry to order it again - there are too many other things on the menu that I want to try.

Crispy juicy chicken thigh and bouncy noodles. Big portion! Pricey but still worth a try

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Tossed in aromatic shallot and light soy. So simple yet comforting.

Ah Gong fried chicken leg is crisp with juicy tender meat under the crust. However the garam masala needs more kick. Good on its own without the chinchalok mayonnaise.
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The chicken was tender, juicy and crunchy!! The ah Ma noodles were even more amazing with a perfect texture, chewy QQ in every mouthful! It's seriously one of the most flavorful noodles I've ever had! So much goodness!
Thank you @aerdreana for the recommendation!! I'll be back! 😏

Loved the ambience of the place! Ah Ma's cooking always on point with the texture and taste. Wished ah gong could've have done a har geong fried chicken instead to give it more flavour.

Tender fried chicken thigh coated in Indian spices paired with chinchalook mayo, and served with a bowl of la-mien tossed in a light soy/sesame oil dressing. Simple, but very comforting. The chicken was perfect, with a thin layer of crispy crust/skin outside, and chunky and tender meat on the inside. The mayo helps to cut through the chicken if you find it too heavy or greasy. The noodles were cooked al dente, and we're very flavourful despite being tossed in a simple dressing. However, the taste might be a little reminiscent of instant mee goreng. As one of their cheapest items on the menu, this place is definitely one of the pricier options around.


Gastronomic racial harmony in this modern Singaporean dish!

With Malay style fried chicken coated in Indian spices, Chinese la-mien, Western salad, and a Peranakan chinchalok mayo!

Familiar, comfortable flavours, I enjoyed this!

The ah gong fried chicken and ah ma noodles. Seriously good