Cauliflower Fritto

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A dish consisting of battered cauliflower, togarashi and served with wasabi mayo.

I’m really into cauliflower fritters as an alternative to fries or fried chicken, as they’re crispy and yummy, but not as heavy or calorie dense. The Refinery’s batter is yummy, and crisps up quite well. There’s no overpowering smell of raw cauliflower, so you can pop as many in your mouth. If you really can’t stand any cauliflower smell at all, try dipping them into the mayo as the wasabi is sure to kill your sense of smell and taste. I dipped twice and then decided to eat the cauliflower fritters on their own, or with the sweet vinegar sauce (that actually came with the Chicken Nanban instead - but I liked the combination very much!).

Choose this for a less sinful but delicious and satisfying side!

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cauliflower fritto with wasabi mayo, the beef gyudon bowl wth foie gras & onsen egg, flat white and macadamia coffee baller 😋


4.5 munchies: Deep-fried to golden brown perfection, the light batter revealed crunchy white onions with a tinge of natural sweetness. The strong-flavoured salted egg yolk custard sauce was absolutely smashing – savoury, creamy, and had the right consistency. It even comes with a small metal dish that contains more of the divine sauce – perfect for dunking in other sides like fries and cauliflower fritters! #Burpproved


For a chillout weekend brunch with friends, snag a table at this Jalan Besar hotspot. While they're known for their delicious rice bowls, their brunch plates are equally impressive and full on flavour, the coffee's great, and the vibes are breezy and laidback. Take Burppler Dex Neo's heed and start with the moreish Cauliflower Fritters ($10), but you've been warned — the guys here spare no mercy in their stinging wasabi mayo sauce! Move on to the Double Confirm Shiok Burger ($20) that sandwiches golden brown chicken between pillowy buns (eat this quick before the bread turns soggy), or to the Chicken-Not-So-Little Waffle ($24), which Burppler Tastemaker Nobelle Liew declares to be one of the best chicken and waffles she's had in Singapore. The combination of savoury homemade parmesan waffles, smokey paprika fried chicken and charred generous red pepper and tomato sauce is well worth the minimum 15 minutes waiting time. Sit back, eat up and sip on a Flat White ($5) as you soak in the #weekendvibes in this high-ceilinged, light-filled space.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Tastemaker Nobelle Liew

Cauliflower Fritters ($10)

The cauliflower fritters @therefinerysg are crazy addictive when dipped in their stinging wasabi mayo! The batter coating of the cauliflower is light and does not come across as greasy. Have a kickin' weekend!

Hot daaaaaam... This is a great way to start a meal here at, but be warned, that WASABI MAYO packs a KICK! 😵

Nostril-flaring aside, loved the crisp, thin batter and spices used and the bite that the cauliflower gives to this starter. Don't forget to give that lime a good squeeze! GIMME MOAR! 😛


This was rly tasty and very Kai Wei also. The battered cauliflower was seasoned with some pepper flakes/spicy seasoning and tastes amazing with the wasabi mayo which rly packed quite a punch.

Warning tho, this is quite spicy and you might end up drink a little too much water before your mains even arrive.

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy within and each bite is delightfully appetising.
Dip it in the sharp and intense wasabi mayo for an instant rude awakening of your senses while the squeeze of lime will provide the zest and tartness to the overall flavour.

Simple and yet so satisfying.

The Refinery
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Cauliflower Fritters ($10++)

Not too oily (still unhealthy though, don't kid yourself) & with a wasabi mayo dip TO DIE FOR. You can really feel the spicy sting.... Super shiok.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
💡 Great interior decor, high ceiling & spacious
💻 Accepts reservations - #burppleXchope
📶 WiFi available


Their sides are addictively good too. I'm in love with this place -M