Refinery Gyudon

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Rice is well-cooked to soft & not mushy; generous portion of tender beef slices that is well-marinated, slightly salty but no beefy taste, even non-beef eater also eat; mushrooms are crunchy & juicy; truffle taste is strong yet not overpowering the taste of individual ingredients; love the addition of roasted garlic that add crunch & elevate the taste; yellow pickles aid in reducing the meatiness feel; with a well-cooked onsen egg; a must-try dish..

Price: $16/ main dish
Price side dish: $12 Mentaiko fries

Description: Cafe concept is Japanese style.
The food are good & nicely cooked n serve to customers who enters the cafe 😇

Being around for some 4-5 years now says heaps, considering the volatility and high turnover rates of local cafes; and that @therefinerysg’s signature Refinery Gyudon’s been on the menu since day 1 shows just how reliably good this is. Each grain bowl comes topped with truffle shimeji mushrooms, tare marinated beef, pickled daikon, garlic chips, and an onsen egg. Very simple ingredients, with flavours and textures that balances out, it’s essentially a more modern take on the classic time-proven gyudon. If anything I found the rare sauce a wee sweeter than I’d prefer, but really there isn’t much to pick on with this grain bowl.


Love it! Will definitely visit again. Generous with the meat as well.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that soft runny egg yolk?

Truffle buna shimeji mushrooms, beef, garlic chips, onions and Japanese rice topped with an onsen egg.

I was surprised by how generous they were with the beef. This bowl is pretty huge in my opinion. The truffle smell was strong and aromatic, but not overpowering (as in the case of Rakki Bowl). I liked that the beef was still quite tender, and enjoyed the truffled mushrooms very much. The onions could’ve been cooked slightly longer, but they were quite soft already. The garlic chips were awesome! Wish there were more pieces actually. After trying each component on its own, we decided to break the yolk and mix it in to better tie in all the flavours and it was even better. Totally understand why this dish is so popular and recommended!

It was ok. Skip this and go for the Refinery Gyudon instead.

A nice bowl of truffle flavoured mushrooms with beef topped with garlic chips and an onsen egg over rice. Even though it contains many bold flavours, it all comes together and is sure to hit the spot and leave you wanting more.


Good choice here! Get this if you want something meaty and filling. (7.7/10)


S$ 17
Cool decorations, dim lights.
The location is not observable.
Sweet/ warm rice and soft egg mixture as expected with enchanting truffle smell. The beef quality is below my expectation. So overall 6/10? Compare to the other beef bowl tried so far

Tried another don: belly happy don. If you like pork
Sides: temura party/ Saulted egg onion ring / chicken soft bone.

The only impressed is the softbone. Didnt expect to find it here. My fav part of the chicken ( better if I removed braces