Salted Egg Yolk French Beans

RM13.00 · 1 Review

Every now and then I would pass by this street-corner coffee shop and it has never crossed my mind to visit. Until today. Here's a promising tai chow place for some classic Chinese dishes in the evening (by day, individual stalls are set up, each specialising one dish). For dinner, try the Sizzling Japanese Egg Tofu (RM12) — steeped in thick soy, dished up on hot pan. Or the Salted Egg Yolk-style French Beans (RM13), the OG of the Egg Yolk invention. The Guiness Chicken could do a little more stout, not that I'm an alcoholic or anything. There is no printed menu here but the man who collects all orders seemed friendly enough on our visit that asking for dining advice shouldn't be too intimidating.