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Steamed Egg Custard

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Traditional Korean steamed egg custard 》$6

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Most steamed eggs are rather plain tasting. Not this one because there's beef stock used in there. The egg's extremely hot when it arrives at the table - you can see it still bubbling away in the black metal pot (so please proceed to eat with caution!) Personally, I find the fluffy lightness of it a perfect foil for the rich and heavier dishes on the menu. A must-try for egg lovers.


Still a comforting meal.


Look at the steam blasting out! We all love this dish alot - simple & delicious! ($6) Rating: 5/5 #throwback #latergram #somerset #313somerset #masizzim #masizzimsg #igsg #igdaily #sgfoodie #sgfood #korean #koreanfood #burpple #burpplesg #food #foodporn #orchardroad #steameggs #eggs

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Waited an hour for this egg but I was partially appeased (partially only because one hour is so looooooong; the table next to us ended cancelling the order) when I dug in to this fluffy eggy goodness. The flavour of the stock used was soaked in every little bit and the egg that was stuck to the bowl was damn shiok. ($6).

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