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Sesame Oil Chicken

$4.80 · 26 Reviews

Was tasked to buy lunch back for the fam after giving my tresses some much needed grooming and changed upon Lau Wang Claypot while wandering around the neighbourhood. Did a quick Google search and the reviews all seemed promising so I decided to give them a try, afterall, claypot dishes on a rainy day sounds like a perfect combination to me!⁣

Their signature dish has got to be the Sesame Chicken, which comprises of aplenty of boneless chicken chunks doused in thick gravy. They certainly didn't skimp on their chicken, judging by the amount they threw in. Every bite brought with it the sweet, nuttiness scent of sesame oil, having absorbed all the flavours of the gravy. Definitely lived up to its reputation!

We ordered:
- Sesame oil chicken (chicken was boneless and tender)
- Eggplant
- Sambal kang kong (for someone who dont eat spicy, this is manageable)
- Frog leg herbal soup (soup was very sweet but it tasted a bit bitter if you drink it after having the sesame oil chicken)
Everything was so good and affordable! The bill was only $32. The only expensive thing was the drink which was $2 per cup.

This place is our go-to for affordable and delicious claypot dishes. We ordered the sesame oil chicken (with chilli), the sambal sotong with lady fingers and homemade ngoh hiang. They are generous with their portions (there was a lot of sotong and chicken!!!) and the sauces are not too salty. In my opinion, the ngoh hiang was only average tasting. But we would definitely go back for their sesame chicken, which is their signature dish. :)


Find myself craving these dishes often!! I’ve been a big fan for years. The eatery is simple, no-frills and often packed to the brim. My favourites are the sesame oil chicken, dark sauce eggplant and herbal fish soup! Every item is super flavourful and served piping hot in clay pots. This was slightly under $20 for two of us. Also highly recommend the luohanguo drink!!

I have been patronising Lau Wang for many years and I would say they have never failed me with their delicious sesame chicken! If you love home cooked dishes with a hint of Wokhey, come here!

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It's chicken cube, where no bone... So tender and easy to eat.. The sauce goes very well with the white rice, definitely value for money..

A usual hangout spot for Serangooners. The place has changed the seatinf arrangement mode of ordering and even the menu over the years! You can get them via foodpanda or grabfood too but nothing beats eating it IRL. If you’d prefer spicier than 辣 for your MAYOUJI feel free to tell them to add on the spice! I enjoy the Sesame Oil Chicken, Herbal Fish Soup and when there is a Vegetable of choice, the Sambal Kang Kong!

The sesame oil chicken is very flavorful and tender, which goes well with the white rice. I like how the chicken is boneless, makes it easier for kids and elderly to eat. The herbal fish soup ($5.30) is very strong and comes with generous portion of sliced fish!

Overall, this place definitely worth your trip down. 👍 However, advise to come before 6pm as the place is very crowded closer to dinner time.

They also gave us generous chunks of chicken tender cubes. As fragrant as ever, the gravy tasted rich and thick in flavour and it’s super satisfying if your eat with a bowl of rice. I highly recommend this place for those who want a hearty meal!

🍲 Sesame Oil Chicken | $5.50
🍲 Sliced Fish w/ Bittergourd | $5.80
🍲 Sambal Kang Kong | $5.20
🥘 Chicken Herbal Soup | $8.80
📍 @lauwangclaypot near Serangoon Central

Location: @lauwangclaypot 老王砂煲小厨 Blk 263 Serangoon Central Drive, #01-43, Singapore 550263
#lauwangclaypotdelights #burpple #burpplesg #sghawkerfood #sghawker

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