Sesame Oil Chicken

$4.80 · 32 Reviews

Still one of the best spot for clay pot dishes! Lau Wang Claypot is well-known for its Sesame Chicken (from $5.80/small), cooked in a special thick gravy and served in a clay pot.

Succulent boneless chicken made more fragrant with sesame oil, this is available in both Spicy and non-spicy. Remember to order a bowl of white rice!

Finally get to try Lao Wang after wanting to dine here for a really long time... Thankfully the crowd subsided after 2pm and it was relatively shocking for us to find a seat for 2 pax in a jiffy too on a PH!

Main ⭐️ for us was definitely sesame oil chicken + the herbal soup on a comforting rainy afternoon!

$9.50 for 2 paxs, affordable price & quality food, definitely worth the visit.

📍Blk 263 Serangoon Central
📍Oasis Terraces Mall
📍Tampines One
📍Paya Lebar, Singpost Centre

The spicy version of Lau Wang’s signature sesame oil chicken features the same tender chicken pieces in a flavourful sesame oil gravy, although this time with the addition of dried and red cut chillis that provided a good amount of heat. The sauce is quite spicy, and perhaps better suited for those with a decent tolerance for spice.

I have to start this review by talking about how smooth and tender these pieces of chicken are! The chicken went perfectly with the sweet and savoury gravy that had a strong sesame oil flavour to it. It is no wonder that this is Lau Wang’s signature dish. Highly recommended for you to get a bowl of rice to sop up all of that delicious gravy.

first time here, there was a bit of a queue but it moved fast. sesame chicken was good as expected with generous portion! other dishes like sambal lady fingers was good too except the gongbao gravy was a little watery. can’t wait to come back and try the mala chicken 😋

Sesame chicken- there was a fair amount of boneless chicken cubes drenched in that fragrant gravy. I love that the gravy was not too thick or salty, with a hint of sesame oil, perfect to soak your rice with🍚

Ngoh Hiang- Packed with a lot of savoury ingredients, it was pretty solid. The sauce to me was quite noteworthy, it tasted like the pink sauce paired with cheong fun but with a hint of alcohol taste 🍷

Very shiok and shareable🌧

Was tasked to buy lunch back for the fam after giving my tresses some much needed grooming and changed upon Lau Wang Claypot while wandering around the neighbourhood. Did a quick Google search and the reviews all seemed promising so I decided to give them a try, afterall, claypot dishes on a rainy day sounds like a perfect combination to me!⁣

Their signature dish has got to be the Sesame Chicken, which comprises of aplenty of boneless chicken chunks doused in thick gravy. They certainly didn't skimp on their chicken, judging by the amount they threw in. Every bite brought with it the sweet, nuttiness scent of sesame oil, having absorbed all the flavours of the gravy. Definitely lived up to its reputation!

We ordered:
- Sesame oil chicken (chicken was boneless and tender)
- Eggplant
- Sambal kang kong (for someone who dont eat spicy, this is manageable)
- Frog leg herbal soup (soup was very sweet but it tasted a bit bitter if you drink it after having the sesame oil chicken)
Everything was so good and affordable! The bill was only $32. The only expensive thing was the drink which was $2 per cup.

This place is our go-to for affordable and delicious claypot dishes. We ordered the sesame oil chicken (with chilli), the sambal sotong with lady fingers and homemade ngoh hiang. They are generous with their portions (there was a lot of sotong and chicken!!!) and the sauces are not too salty. In my opinion, the ngoh hiang was only average tasting. But we would definitely go back for their sesame chicken, which is their signature dish. :)


Find myself craving these dishes often!! I’ve been a big fan for years. The eatery is simple, no-frills and often packed to the brim. My favourites are the sesame oil chicken, dark sauce eggplant and herbal fish soup! Every item is super flavourful and served piping hot in clay pots. This was slightly under $20 for two of us. Also highly recommend the luohanguo drink!!