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St. Louis Pork Ribs

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This was better than the Capellini Crabmeat Pasta, but had a lot of soft bones which was quite annoying to eat (though it’s pork ribs but there’s too many bones…) but still don’t think it’s value for money😓

I feel like if BKT and angmoh ribs made a baby, this would be it. I like it though. The sweet potato fries also damn solid.

One of the best Pork Ribs I have tried!! Everything about it is good, its marinated well, meat is tender and comes off the bone easily. Even the sweet potato fries and salad is damn g00d. As for the spicy crabmeat cappelini, its not bad, taste is light and there's a decent amount of crabmeat. Tried the Taisho brew white coffee as well, its quite gaoo and taste premium☕

Would definitely come again!!!

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Sweet Soy Pork Ribs ($30++)
Liked how the marination of soy sauce, garlic and honey (i think?) resulted in a sweet tangy sauce.
Ribs were also very well done, falling off the bone easily

Didnt think the chili relish complimented the rest of the dish though.

Ask to sit inside as the acoustics are much better. Outside can get a bit noisy and warm.

I like food from oriole. Very good ribs, pasta and truffle burger. Sitting outdoor on a overcast sky was more enjoyable than indoors( they insisted theres a lot of reservations but there’s plenty of spaces.)

What I didn't mind was these pork ribs having an identity crisis (they're named "St. Louis" but are marinated in "kicap manis" 😆)
What I did mind though was that parts of them didn't quite hit the mark of tenderness (in fact, the words "hard to chew" would be an apt description 😣) .

i love ribs, and this ribs are pretty good that i dont mind eating it again -M

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We proclaimed that this was the best dish on our table. The slow-baked pork ribs were so tender and soft, the meat just came off so easily. We love how sticky the sauce (kecap manis / Indonesian sweet soy sauce) on the ribs was because who can refuse that caramelized sweet smell and taste. 😍

I would give the sambal matah dip on the side a miss in order to have an wholesome enjoyment of those pork ribs. We were just not really into the taste. Conclusion: Without a doubt, I'd order the pork ribs again when I return next time! 😋