Nutella Banana Milkshake

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reminder to self not to try anything new and untested, especially not when it comes to my favorite kind of food/drink!

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The lobster roll is the star, and we felt there were too many "bingsu" dishes (plus milo dessert wasn't good). Added a Nutella banana cake shake for our birthday girl @shuperduperrr have a blast tomorrow!! #burpple

The Sizzling Beef Chunks ($25++) were amazingly good. You can never go wrong with beef and cooking the beef right in front of your eyes on the hot plate makes the whole experience even better! The Nutella Banana Shake ($16) is sinful but delicious. One can never say no to dessert but be sure to share the calories with someone else.

This was our 2nd dessert for the night but was just enough to keep our inner sugar monsters humble. Once you get past the mountain of confectionaries and all, its just like any milkshake. #milkshake #benjaminbrowns #sweets #dessert #yummy #sgcafe #sgeat #sgfood #drinks #cafe #foodgasm #food #foodie #burpple

My personal choice... The vanilla shake was blended with banana and nutella laced the cup and toppings. Still a sweet dessert but full of flavor and richness of the ingredients

A towering tower of dessert decadence. A statement on the excess of life. An heart stopping ode to the pursuit of vanity.

Plus, nutella and salted pretzels are a yummy combination!

Over the top Nutella banana milkshake ($16.90) // great ambience but a particular service crew service provided was quite bad . We waited for one hour plus for the food to be served to us . Firstly , when we came in the cafe was quite empty maybe less than 5 tables was occupied . We waited for 30 minutes , our food is still not served whereas other customers that came later than us already had their food and left the cafe. So we decided to ask one of the staff , is our truffle fries coming soon since we understood that maybe for brunch menu it might take quite awhile to cook . To our horror , he replied " I don't know leh , not I take your order one" than he points to the another staff saying is he help you take order you go ask him . Omg , can't you just help us key in the order ?? The attitude was quite bad but at least another staff gave us a 10% discount and he apologise to us . Definitely not heading back to this cafe again. (Food : 5/10 || Ambience : 7/10 || Service : 4/10)

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Over the top nutella banana milkshake ($16). Literally a cup of diabetes but oh well, this was my lunch! Although a little pricey, it was definitely worth it. I would recommend sharing the milkshakes with someone. It took a little long for it to arrive, which was a little disappointing. Still loved the milkshake! A decadent afternoon treat!