Barachirashi Don

$35.90 · 6 Reviews

Value-for-money barachirashi Lunch Set at $45! Ate to my heart’s contents. Best Chirashi in SG

My friend ordered the highly recommended barachirashi don which came with fresh, sweet and well marinated sashimi chunks and of course their signature tamagoyaki. The large cubes of sashimi made each mouthful sooo satisfying! We also thought this place has one of the better tuna sashimi in SG.

One of the top chirashi dons on our list of favourites!

The $34.90++ lunch bara chirashi bento set is packed with value as it comes with an appetizing salad, silky chawanmushi, savory agadeshi tofu and a selection of fruits. Excellent executive lunch, we must say!

I think one of the best opportunities to try Tatsuya, if you're on a budget or you just don't feel like spending too much, is during their lunch hour. They have a rather wide variety of bento lunch sets to choose from and I got myself the Bara Chirashi Set. Priced at $34.90, the set comes with the bara chirashi don, soup, fruits, chawanmushi, salad and an agedashi tofu. While you can definitely find cheaper bara chriashi dons out there, the quality of the fish is different and quality is what's important when it comes to sashimi. The Tamago that is served here, with the tatsuya name on it, is really unique and one of the nicest that I've had. It's not overly sweet, too dry and the texture was fluffy but still firm enough to hold it's shape. Make friends with the chef and you might just get extra ingredients for your meal!

Treating her one of her favourite foods 😊 bara chirashi!