Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach)

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Galbi Short Rib Tacos

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Galbi short rib, pork belly, rice, black beans, kimchi & more in a wrap; Korean-Mexican fusion dish; the meat are well-marinated, tender & succulent; loads of ingredients but they complement each other very well; whole dish is quite moist; super huge so it's good for sharing..

Pretty ticked off with their service honestly...

I was there on a Friday night (group of 4) to use the Burpple “30% off total bill”. Cashier insisted that with 4 people we need to claim 2 Burpple vouchers EVEN THOUGH the voucher is for the total bill AND THE FINE PRINT SAID 1 VOUCHER PER DAY PER DINING SESSION!!!! This was my second time here.

First time here for lunch on a Sunday, I was with a group of 5. We paid for the bill without mentioning Burpple, which is entirely our fault. We realised literally 2mins after when we stepped out so we went back in. But the cashier (a different one from my second time there) was very stand-off-ish and just insisted we paid already so nothing can be done. Complete lack of understanding/empathy... Not to mention while we were dining, we had to ask so many times for tissues, menus, water....


PS: asked a friend who came in a group of 4 too and she said they also claimed 2 vouchers from them... at least they are consistent. BURPPLE, HELP! This feels like a scam!

PPS: A little review on the food. The kimchi pork quesadilla is nice. Tried 4 of the recommended tacos but only the Galbi beef I’d order again. The rest tasted under-seasoned.


Enjoyed 30% off total bills from Burpple Beyond.
Love their pork belly vatos style burrito, Baja Fish Tacos and Galbi Short Rib Tacos. Will definitely visit here again.

i personally loved the korean po’ boy. the galbi short rib was well-marinated and tasted exactly like what i would get in a good korean bbq. also, the pairing of pork belly and sour kimchi could never go wrong. however, the downside was that they were too generous with their meats which made me feel like i’m eating a korean bbq bowl rather than a burrito bowl. also, there wasn’t enough sauce that we’ll normally get in a mexican burrito making the entire dish a bit too dry. will recommend it to those ppl who love meat and wouldn’t mind losing the mexican component of the dish.

📍: Esplanade
Mango prawn quesadilla (~SGD22++): One of my favourites here ❤️ The quesadilla was so cheesy, and simply heavenly. It’s a pity that I didn’t really taste the mango though, but the avocado 🥰
Barbacoa pork taco (~SGD 12): This one is REALLY SPICY (probably because of the tabasco sauce). But the amounts of filling given for their tacos are a loooot so it’s very worth! My fav taco is the Galbi short rib taco (~SGD14++) - super juicy and the sauce reminds me of the korean galbi kinda taste. I think they do their fusion options right 👍
Definitely one of the best mexican places in Singapore, & yay for finally trying it. Thanks to burpple, there’s a 30% off with a min spend of $60, so do come with your friends. :-) Also, the place does get very crowded, so pls make a reservation!
OVERALL: 4.75/5

We tried a couple of their tacos and the best has defo gotta be the galbi short rib!

Ordered Galbi short ribs tacos, nachos with braised pork, quesadilla with beef and Tamales... I say to skip tamales as I find the rice abit too dry and tasteless to my liking.. love the tacos though!

This has a mix of Korean sauces and ingredients commonly used in Mexican food. The beef was flavourful and tender as well. Tacos/burritos are one for one with burpple beyond!

Chilli Lime Prawn Tacos ($13 for 2)
Baja Fish Tacos ($12 for 2)

Get 3 for 2 on Tacos Tuesday! Soft tortillas were used for the tacos instead of the hard crunchy tortillas which I prefer. The prawns in the tacos were flash fried and topped with Asian slaw. Though light with good texture, it was lacking in flavour. On the other hand, the fish tacos were a hit favourite. The fish were beer-battered and fried to a crisp brown. Topped with fruit coleslaw and creamy chipotle mayo, it was refreshing with every bite.

Extras: Missing in the photo is the Galbi Short Rib tacos ($14 for 2) that tasted like mini-wraps filled with Korean grilled meat and Asian slaw. Small but packed with real flavour.

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(Think korean sauces and slaw, ssamjang aioli), washed down with their delightful beer cider margaritas. .
Tip: Visit them on Tuesdays to unlock their 3 for 2 tacos promo. And of course, use #burpplebeyond for 1 for 1 food+drink set :))))