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Had high hopes for this considering it was the sister restaurant of chikuwa tei, a consistently good Japanese place but sadly the bara chirashi wasn't that good. The rice wasn't seasoned well and the swordfish wasn't fresh. That being said, the salmon was actually pretty good and the cuts were quite generous but the fact that they charge for water was quite 🙄

Ambience was really warm because their doors were left open and the general lighting of the restaurant wasn't very bright with the exception of my table because we literally sat next to the door.

It might've been an off day considering the many favourable reviews online but it'll take a lot to warrant a return visit.

Taste (6/10)
Ambience (6/10)
Overall (6/10)


This Bara Chirashi is almost too pretty to be eaten! Especially love the swordfish sashimi; so juicy and fresh!
[Place: @Manzoku_sg]
[Food: Bara Chirashi]
[Price: $18]
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Even though bara chirashi usually contains the "leftover" bits of fish from sushi, we can't help loving how easy it is to eat, and the variety of fish Manzoku uses.

Cubes of fresh salmon, maguro, tai, ikura, tamago, cucumber atop perfectly cooked sushi rice. Oiishi!

I've been having loads of Japanese food the past few months in the course of my work, but I still find it impossible to turn away sashimi and vinegared rice. Love the generosity of the raw fish toppings here at Manzoku – there's salmon, tuna and swordfish in this mix!

Love this!!! 😍


yum :-) $18 for the barachirashi don but really filling!


Try Manzoku's Bara Chirashi don, I can't wait to have this again! One of the best around! Read more about this and their signature Chirashi Don on our blog! (Active link in bio👆)