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Bara Chirashi Don

$12.80 · 241 Reviews

Fresh and generous filling

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An interesting mix of chirashi don as it contains marinated diced seafood cubes, spicy salmon and salmon sashimi.

If you enjoy bara chirashi but feels that it’s lacking some spiciness, this dish is certainly for you! Guaranteed shiokness!

Was craving for sashimi and decided to give Omoté a try!

Their signature Omoté Chirashi is a classic bowl of chirashi don done right! The bowl of fluffy Japanese rice was topped with a good portion of marinated diced seafood sashimi. The sashimi was fresh and good! It’s indeed very value for money!

Added the lunch premium set (+$8) which consists of the following:
Mentaiyaki Gyoza
Salmon Sashimi
Japanese Salad
Takoyaki (Hot Appetizer)
Ginger with Marinated Fish Meat (Cold Appetizer)
Miso Soup

Would top up for the extra slices of salmon! But otherwise, nah.

Do make a reservation with them before going to avoid the queue!

Not the freshest but it’s Super value for money and satisfying. Add on $5 to make it a meal with miso soup, salad, salmon sashimi.

Sorry, just had to post another photo of my Omote Chirashi Don ($12.80) from @omotesingapore because I really miss it and I think this photo not bad 😅 Can’t wait for phase 2!

But a bit worried that there may be an increase in cases again because everyone seems excited to rush out. Stay safe everyone!

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I guess one blessing in disguise about this period is that we get to skip the queues for such popular establishments and head on over only when our food is prepared. We both ordered the Omote Chirashi Don ($12.80), the cheapest donburi on the menu and their bestseller item. To be honest, we weren’t expecting much as it’s a half an hour long drive home from the restaurant and the food won’t be as fresh as when you eat it there. To our surprise, the raw elements of the dish were still pretty fresh and delicious, which probably means that they used some pretty fresh raw seafood to start with. They are very very generous with the amount of toppings and we got a copious amount of sashimi salmon, tuna, swordfish, squid and ikura and sliced prawns. We were also pleasantly surprised with the rice which was very flavourful and had a slight sweetness to it that complemented the sashimi chunks perfectly. We can definitely understand what the hype is back and we can imagine how much better it would taste if we were to eat it in-store!

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All of Omote’s bowls look Super interesting (taste good too) n their sashimi n raw stuff r fresh too. First tried their bara Chirashi Don when they were still named Sushiro n occupied a Super small shop opp Thomson Plaza food court a longass time ago but their standards still 💯 no wonder they expanded!! :-)

I will start off by saying that we used to be a big fan of Omote (or Sushiro as it used to be known). The food is good but we were put off by a couple of bad service experiences there.

We were having a WFH department lunch a couple of weeks ago and I thought why not. I love their soy marinated sashimi but at $24 (before delivery charges) for an upsized bara-chirashi which used to cost around $18. Portions-wise, it appeared to have shrunk.

Verdict: It's good but I would probably not be there as often I used to considering the price.

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Getting my chirashi fix at Omoté. This bowl of chirashi is extremely mouth-watering, topped with generous amount of diced salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn, salmon roe & marinated in scrumptious soy sauce.
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From Omote’s menu revamp, which was just launched on Friday that sees the introduction of some new items, which includes a Spicy Dashi Chirashi and many more other items (both cooked and raw) to try.

The Umami Soy Chirashi is essentially a spin-off to their original Omote Chirashi Don, described on the menu as “second-generation favourite redefined with a new age roasted stock of soy marination”. As compared to the original Omote Chirashi Don which is essentially the main attraction, the Umami Soy Chirashi’s marinade comes slightly more savoury than sweet, providing a more punchy umami note that the namesake suggests. There again, it comes with just the right proportions of fish to rice, with the raw fish diced just right or provide enough chew whilst being fresh — very much the standard package with a little more oomph, along with that same Ikura the provided for an extra burst of umami as they pop in the mouth, and that lethal Wasabi that provides that numbing but oh-so-shiok tingle to the tastebuds. Excited to return for the other items that they have added to the menu, especially for the garlic fried rice dishes and the Spicy Dashi Chirashi — a next visit shall be due soon!