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Bara Chirashi Don

$12.80 · 216 Reviews

Notes: Omote just launched their Menu 2.0 on 17 July 2019.

This menu is part of Omote’s 2.0 menu, under the new contemporary modern donburi, offering 3 variations of don:
1. Salmon Mentai - definitely my favourite part of the dish; the mentai sauce is super creamy while the salmon is torched in aburi style. It was executed well as the aburi salmon is still juicy and not too dry!
2. Cubed Salmon in Spicy Cheese Sauce - the wasabi taste is a bit strong for me. The salmon cubes are cold with crunchy texture.
3. Assortment Chirashi - Omoté’s classic dish which never goes wrong! The chirashi is fresh with generous chunks of salmon, tuna and tako.

On top their signature marinated diced seafood, this don also had spicy lobster meat and spicy salmon tartare.

I had this thinking the quantity was gonna be more manageable than the upsized chirashi don, but it's definitely just as generous with the toppings - easily a portion that two people can share if they're not looking to be filled to the brim. The rice, similar to the upsized chirashi don, was clumpy albeit seasoned sufficiently. However, I'd recommend the spicy triple chirashi don only for those that prefer stronger flavours and seasoning: I personally felt that the natural flavour of salmon and lobster meat was lost in the sauce/marinate that they were in.
But again, this is good for those with looking to eat their fill and would wanna have something other than the more familiar marinated diced seafood.

The portion was so generous with the seasoned seafood and rice, I daresay it's easily enough for two people. I did notice that because of this generosity, the rice was clumpy and did not have the best seasoning. Similarly, I personally found that some of the cubes was seasoned stronger than others - the freshness was slightly questionable too as I felt that the tuna had a grainy feel that I wasn't so used to.

With all that said, I still stand by this being very easily worth its price point for the quantity given - albeit with quality slightly compromised.

Had been a fan of Omote's Barachirashi Don ever since the first time I have had it a couple of years ago when they were still Sushiro at the small shop space that would only fit around less than 15 pax near the food court. Its amazing how they had since expanded their Chirashi Don offerings, with this being one of the latest additions to the latest menu launched a couple of weeks ago.

Taking their classic Chirashi Don and switching things up a little, this is everything I liked about their Chirashi Don with its well-sized cubes of assortment of raw fish that is fresh and affordable — all with a creamy Wasabi Mayo, chopped Wasabi and the standard knob of Wasabi on the side, topped with Ikura. The result is a mind-piercing, nose-sniffing experience; the numbing sensation that is so intense especially when one bites on the chopped Wasabi that it slows down one's eating speed because its just so mind boggling but so ever shiok. Some might call it a torture, but this is the dish that would be any Wasabi lover's calling; an item that are meant for all the daredevils willing to take up the challenge — very interesting indeed.


A spiritual successor to the delicious Sanshoku Chirashi Don, the dish introduces a spicy lobster meat to incumbent rice bedfellows the shiok-ly fiery spicy salmon tartare and marinated diced seafood, with the spicy lobster evoking longings for Hawaiian pizza with its alluringly smoky and meaty, almost ham-like charms. 4/5

Having launched their revamped menu just yesterday, Omote's newest menu not only boasts a wide variety of their latest Chirashi Don creations, it also features other items that showcases how Omote is more than their signature Chirashi Don.

Featuring garlic stir-fried beef with other condiments such as seaweed, spring onions and tempura bits as well as an Onsen Egg, the Ma-ze Udon comes with quite a generous portion of thick Udon beneath to be tossed with the other condiments in the bowl. Tossing everything together, the slurpy Udon is laced in a savoury sauce that the beef is simmered with; the meat being relatively tender without need much effort to chew whilst also coming with a hint of sweetness from the caramelised onions — the oozy and wobbly Onsen Egg providing a silkier texture to the entire bowl and the tempura bits creating a crispness for some contrast in texture. Whilst the "Garlic Dry" Beef Ma-ze Udon is something with a slightly heavier flavour than most traditional Japanese Udons out there, its a pretty flavoursome dish that would satisfy the local taste buds that are likely to crave for punchier flavours.


The significantly expanded menu includes new chirashi bowls galore - think Mentai Chirashi Don, Cheesy Spicy Salmon Chirashi Don as well as Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi Don.

The Wasabi Power Chirashi Don is topped with ikura and ground wasabi root, which plays it all dominatrix-kinky crunchy Chinese pickled vegetables-esque in how it will keep firing explosive, tear-inducing wasabi fumes up your nostrils even though your airways may ostensibly be in sweet wasabi pain. Comparatively, in terms of power, the mentaiko-creamy wasabi mayonnaise plays it more Lee Kum Kee than Lee Hsien Loong (@leehsienloong).

Finally got to try Omoté after they rebranded from Sushiro and moved into their new spot. The restaurant is much larger now so queues aren't as insane as before. Their rice bowls are still amazing for their prices, though I can't help but feel that the amount of sashimi has gone down a little..

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My first visit here after they rebranded from Sushiro to Omoté where the ambience is definitely better and much more spacious compared to before (they are now located at level 3 of Thomson Plaza).

I went with the upsized version of their tried and tested chirashi don where i got a very generous amount of fresh sashimi along with other assorted marinated diced seafoods atop of sushi rice. So yummy and affordable!


A family fav for Jap food. Kids love their chirashi-don, beef rice bowls and unagi don. I would recommend their upgraded chirashi-don which is better value for money. Make a reservation or go early to avoid queues.