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Bara Chirashi Don

$12.80 · 206 Reviews

Has been visiting this restaurant for their chirashi Don since it was once known as sushiro. The standards has dropped & price has increased quite a fair bit. Chirashi Don overall is still reasonably good apart from the inflated price. The portion of $18.90 was initially selling at $12.90. Tried Unagi Don for a change but the sauce is too sweet and overly marinated for my liking. Will not re-order.

To impress your group of friends on a budget, this buzzy joint along Upper Thomson is a surefire win! Picture high stools along a marble bar, neon signs and classy gold accents — setting the right mood for celebrations. There are even private rooms available for more intimate gatherings, though you'll have to call ahead to snag one. The Omote Chirashi Don ($12.80) is one for the books — a satisfying meal of slightly sweet rice served with a hearty mound of well-marinated sashimi. A good option for meat-lovers, the Spicy Yakiniku Don ($15.80) comes with sweet-savoury, tender beef slices and runny egg on warm rice.
Photo by Burppler Sophia Eng

First time here since it moved from its original place & changed from sushiro to omote! Food is still decent, but I must say that I still prefer the humble place they started out with. Although food is good, I would say the portions have shrank & lost a little bit of its quality amidst all the rave!

Still, love the seasoning of the sashimi & their menu now has a much larger variety of dons!!! ☺️ queues can still get pretty long in the evenings. Waited 30min at 8pm on a Thursday night


Ordered their premium chirashi don stylised as premium chirashi don. Gotta say for the price of $28.80 it was not worth it at all. Rice was really clumpy and dry reminiscent of poor grade of Japanese rice used or poor cooking whichever was the process. There was a lack of fish. Mount omote was mount rice.

This is still my favourite place for dons. The rice is just sweet enough. The wasabi and the soya sauce goes very well with the fresh fish. And with the increased space, it has cut down waiting times by a lot. Love this place for its affordable prices and good food.

A satisfying bowl of chirashi don at a reasonable price. portion might be more for girls, guys might want to go for the upsized version ($18.8) or get more sides! approx 30min queue even at 8pm on thursday night.

Always love their Chirashi Don. Yumz!

Garlic Infusion Omoté-Chirashi Don // Sushi rice served with a generous portion of assorted diced sashimi, topped with ikura and crispy fried garlic. Definitely one of the best Chirashi Dons I’ve had! 💙😋 ⁣

Standard of this bowl hasn’t dropped since they’ve changed from Sushiro to Omote but expect long queues during peak meal timings!! Not a fan of wasabi so find my disappointment in the sashimi sauce being overpowered by it

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Same good bara chirashi at sushiro but now renamed to Omote. Bigger, even more lively and hipster environment, but price kept the same at