Bara Chirashi Don

$12.80 · 231 Reviews

Ordered upsized but couldn’t finish.

Tempura wasn’t crispy enough, ate them without the batter in the end.

Bad choice of music, I felt like I was having sushi in the club. I mean, keep your favorite songs for your own/ closing time?

Choose songs that suits your restaurant theme please.

Hard to go wrong with mentaiko and gyoza, however, these are not crispy enough #Sgfood #sgfoodies #Sgigfood #sgigfoodies #Burpple #BurppleSG #Omote #ChirashiDon #OmoteSG #OmoteSingapore

The crispy batter is a delight and works well with the assortment of veggies (including broccoli and eggplant) and prawns #Sgfood #sgfoodies #Sgigfood #sgigfoodies #Burpple #BurppleSG #Omote #ChirashiDon #OmoteSG #OmoteSingapore

Nice place with a lot of seats. Do go early to avoid long queues. Good for family and friends gathering.

Food was good, however I felt that the seasoning for the salmon and tuna was too much.
Unagi wasn't hot or warm when served.

Despite being called “upsized”, the serving size seems to have shrunk to the normal size at when they just started business #Sgfood #sgfoodies #Sgigfood #sgigfoodies #Burpple #BurppleSG #Omote #ChirashiDon

$17.80 // a really generous portion of (extremely fresh) seafood cubes (including salmon, tuna, octopus, prawns) which was layered with more than sufficient wasabi mayonnaise. (spicy, but sooo good) served on a bowl of hot japanese rice which had some shoyu sauce on it and it’s topped with some ikura, which adds more to the flavour if your taste buds need a break from all the spice. such a good dish!! but also really filling (and i wasn’t able to finish it zzz)

Have always been a big fan of Omote or Sushiro (as it was previously known as). Frequented the small shop of Sushiro before they expanded to a slightly bigger restaurant and finally to Omote. Their prices have always been wallet friendly (especially for a student like me) and they do not compromise on quality. Visited Omote 2.0 and it came with a new extensive menu (which was slightly overwhelming) which offered a multitude of options. Still, I stuck with my old time favourite bara chirashi don but I upsized it. Didn't disappoint as I was presented with a huge portion of salmon (my favourite!). Boyfriend got the kyoto glazed duck don and the sliced duck was so good and succulent. Had the soda called Island Sunset and boyfriend had the whiskey sour :) which were both good! Definitely would come back to try out other dishes in their big menu!

Affordable, fresh and tasty chirashi bowls at a place that attracts long queues during the weekends. Haven’t tried the famed mount chirashi bowls yet but will definitely return one day when I’m willing to stuff myself with loads of rice 😂 .

With its expansion from the previous humble stall to the restaurant, its menu also grew in variety and range of items. The drinks menu also appealed with the choices of colourful cocktails.
We loved every little details put into their menu design and restaurant decor. This season, collect their Christmas bear chopstick holder which makes a nice bookmark for the holiday.