Mini Choux Platter

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Filled with little surprises, Ollella’s Mini Choux Platter was surprisingly light and each pastry offers a nice crunch with well-balanced flavours. The custard fillings were also distinct and my favourites were the Lemon Meringue, Raspberry and unpresuming Vanilla. Great for sharing, these dainty chouquettes were not overly sweet and makes for a nice tea time snack! However, I would have preferred a thinner pastry shell for a slightly softer bite.

Lunch's at @ollella_singapore today! The amazing little cafe is now serving up salmon choux platters. It's a healthy, tidy lunch served at the Jalan Besar cafe for just $15. You get creamy, homemade mushroom soup, thick with bits of chopped mushroom, little cheddar choux puffs to go along with the soup, a well-stuffed salmon chouquette in their signature crisp choux shell, and served with a sweet chouquette of your choice. As always I went for the apple cinnamon. Y'all don't know my love affair with that tasty little Pom-Pom looking dessert! It's good, wholesome food, their sweet, crusted chouquette stuffed to overflowing with fresh salmon that is complemented by a sweet, peppery creamy sauce. My god, it was an amazing surprise to bite into this innocent-looking puff. One bite and woosh! The pepper hits and the sweetness of the sauce floods your mouth before leaving the rich ocean flavour salmon is famous for. Leafy greens add a delicate crunch and refreshing taste that keeps the rest of the flavours from overwhelming your tastebuds. The only sad thing is that the slider-sized puff is slider-sized. Hahaha I want more! Omg I just found out the creamy sauce in the salmon chouquette is so delicious cause they added a touch of.. CONDENSED MILK. Oh. My. God. YES.)

Made up of 8 beautifully crafted mini chouquettes, perfect for those who want to sample all flavours.

Flavours in this platter includes Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Meringue, Matcha Azuki, Dark Chocolate, Tiramisu, Raspberry and their newest creation: Boozy Brownie Sundae! Each choux is delightful and would appeal to different individual. My preference? Definitely, Vanilla Choux. Simple but filled with rich custard filling.

you don't get to choose, the choux comes in tiramisu, matcha, apple, raspberry, chocolate, lemon and vanilla.

my fav has got to be the tiramisu 😍

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A great way to savour all 7 signature flavours ranging from mellow to rich flavoured profiteroles; each with its own distinct filling filled in crispy choux bun.
Vanilla > Apple Cinnamon > Raspberry > Lemon Meringue >Matcha Azuki > Tiramisu > Dark Chocolate. I will gladly pick the latter two for its richness in alcohol and valrhona chocolate.


Generally appealing if you select flavours which reveal the choux's texturality with minimal distraction. Whilst the crumbly Apple Cinnamon was positively pregnant with sweet apple chunks and the appealingly aromatic Tiramisu had a soft, drunkenly wet secret, the Lemon Meringue's external meringue and internal lemon curd core meld together upon bite into an unmanageable sweet and sour goofest. 3.8/5

Trying out these Choux Puffs at Ollela, which houses both The Pourover Bar and Choquette under one roof. Both Choux puffs were simply delightful, with Choux pastry that is of a good moistness without feeling too wet nor dried out. Both were good; the Lemon Meringue is an open Choux with piped Lemon Curd within that is a little tart, but well-balanced with the subtly sweet meringue on top – one bite into the Choux puff and it simply explodes of the lemon curd filled within. Apple Cinnamon would hit apple pie lovers, for the vanilla cream was akin to a vanilla ice-cream with caramalised apples within spiced with cinnamon for that familiar flavour. Even the Choux puff comes with little sugary bits and nuts for a little crunch, to give the dessert a texture similar to a Apple Crumble. They also have a mini Choux tasting platter where you can get all seven types of Choux that they offer at $21 which sounds like a good deal!

Ollela/The Pourover Bar/Choquette is located at 3 Petain Road, [email protected], #01-01, Singapore 208108