Earl Grey Pistachio

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super cute Popsicles haha had a hard time deciding between the kiwi and durian one but went with the durian one in the end!!! definitely way overpriced for a Popsicle but gotta give it to them for fresh and rich flavor mm tried the earl grey pistachio (the most popular flavour) too but we though the flavors weren't strong enough and could do with a more milky texture.

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The kiwi was such a refreshing flavour . Long lingering in my mouth after some water 👍😊#foodphotography #foodforfoodies #foodporn #foodheaven #foodsg #foodie #burpple #sgfood #foodporn #foodpornsg #sgig #foodstagram #foodgram #foodiegram #sgfoodies #cafehoppingsg #cafehopping #fatdieme #iconosquare

Great as a quick after lunch/dinner dessert, the pops are made with real fruits and comes in a variety of flavours to suit everyone. The Kiwi flavour is definitely for those who love sour flavours, Earl Grey Pistachio comes with an extra sprinkling of pistachios for a little texture with each bite. My personal favourite is the Stinky Durian, couldn’t resist getting it to try when I saw it in the display.😋
Can’t seem to get the song "Do you see what i see” by Mark Seymour every time I see this brand. >.

From ISEEISEE at [email protected] that just opened today; a popsicle shop hailing from Hong Kong situated just beside Churro101. Despite being a milk-based Popsicle, the roots of being a Popsicle stays strong here as the texture of the Popsicle still remains to be slightly more on the icy side than being totally creamy. That being said, this particular flavour is strong on tea aroma, while speckled with a little saltiness from the pistachio nuts that coat the Popsicle. Pretty refreshing on a sunny day like today!

ISEEISEE is located at [email protected], 313 Orchard Road, #B3-46, Singapore 238895


Opening tomorrow from 11am to 10pm featuring milk based popsicles and fruit based popsicles at 313 @ Somerset B3-46. Tried 4 flavours today and my favs r the Earl Grey Pistachio ($6.90) and e Refreshing Kiwi ($5.90). So da yum!!!! Did you see what I SEE? Weather hot hot, best treat ever!!!

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