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Roasted Pistachio

$4.50 · 50 Reviews

Roasted pistachio and Thai milk tea ice cream on stacked waffles

Pistachio is my go-to flavour!! And I love Creamier’s

💸 $9.30 + $3.30 (premium +$1)

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Almost 9$ for good quality ice cream.

Another Burpple 1 for 1!

We got the roasted pistachio, strawberry and green tea flavoured ice cream. The roasted pistachio was sensational! Absolutely love the pistachio bits in it too. Strawberry was not bad. The green tea flavour was pretty substantial ~

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1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

I have always enjoyed Creamier’s ice cream especially at Gillman Barracks because of its ambience but it does get crowded after meal timings! Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we enjoyed 2 x double scoops at just the price of 1! But one thing for sure, I wouldn’t get the ice cream in cones anymore. Appreciate the giant scoops of ice cream, but not the disaster that accompanied. The ice cream melted so quickly all over my hand that it ended up as though we were racing to finish it, instead of truly enjoying.

Repeated flavour choices were the roasted pistachio and plain ole chocolate, both the rich and creamy type. This time we paired them together and found that they actually complemented each other pretty well, as if eating chocolate with pistachio hidden within.

Inspired by the famous Thai beverage, the Thai Milk Tea flavour had close resemblance in terms of its fragrance from the Ceylon Tea brew. But what was even more amazing was the Popping Root Beer Float flavour, created as a tribute to Creamier Toa Payoh that will be closing at the end of the month. Made using A&W root beer with French cream, sprinkled with popping candy. It’s a flavour done well; you get a sweet, minty, licorice-like flavour with creaminess and some tingling sensation.

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Pistachio & Pomegranate Yogurt ice cream (front)
Blackforest & Honey Lemon Yuzu sorbet (back)
I must say their Pistachio ice cream is the BEST so far !! Blackforest has a hint of alcohol and CHERRY 🍒 Pomegranate Yogurt has a smooth yogurt taste, while Lemon Yuzu sorbet is very refreshing.

Headed to Gillman Barracks as we were not satisfied with the dessert from our dinner earlier, and it was bizarre when we didn’t have to wait a single second more for the waffles at this branch unlike the insane Toa Payoh outlet.

Always ended up having the Kaya & Pistachio flavours, which one of our friend once quipped that we should just have Yakun instead. Nope, it isn’t the same!

It was also the first time I have had such a MESSY experience eating ice cream. Firstly, the queue at gillman barracks was soooo long on a sat aftn, so we didn't dare to take too long trying the flavours. I went with my top favourites pistachio and summer berry (I tried the white rabbit and sea salt Gula melaka too but didn't quite like it coz too milky for the first one and too strong for the second), while he went with his rum&raisin and acai banana sorbet. The moment the ice cream were served, the ice cream already gave its first sign of melting (while still in the airconditioned room), the moment we stepped out into the hot sun, the ice cream started melting EVERYWHERE within like 30 secs (this photo was snapped in less than 5 secs)! And I mean everywhere - all over the cone to the paper holder, to the paper towels, to my fingers (all 10 of them), to the table, and to my leg and the floor (through the gaps in the table). I felt as though we were having a speed-eating ice crram competition 😂 and we couldn't help each other because both of our cones were melting at an equally fast speed. Plus... My 2 ice cream scoops toppled!!! 😅 (I always had the fear that ice cream will topple for double scoops.. and yes, it does happen!) Thank goodness my other palm caught them in time - lol and that explains why 10 of my fingers were all dirtied. The next time we eat, we shall get the waffle! An observation of ppl around us, everyone was either having cup or waffle. Only us two funny ppl were eating and having trouble with our cones 🙈 yay to one for one with burpplebeyond (pay $6.80+ $1 for each premium flavour! Pay 2 premium flavours and get 2 premium flavours free! The most worth it one, because other places u will need to pay for 4 premium flavours even with the one for one) #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyondsg #burpplebeyond #creamier

used burple beyond and paid only $9.80 for everything in the picture! Definitely worth it! comfortable alfresco setting

Had the one for one with beyond, and it was great value! Loved the pistachio rose flavour. The blue pea vanilla was interesting but could use more blue pea taste. Pity the Beyond didn’t have more one for one for just ice creams!