Yaki Udon

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I call Koh grill the localised Japanese food 🤣.
This is by no means demeaning the Taste of the food here because it is good :)

Loving the composition of this dish .

Chewy udon noodles with a good amount of julienned vegetables , eggs and topped with bonito.

Good “ wok hei” without being too greasy .

I am always amazed at the Long queues I see during weekends at this Japanese eatery - there was almost no queue This evening so the best time to try out .

Not much in a sushi mood but saw one of the tables with a saucy udon that looked so comforting .

Ordered a portion and was glad that there is more space allocated to the eatery within the food court premise so we don’t have to squeeze sitting within the eatery .

The udon was so QQ (and can I say al dente 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣) with a generous use of fresh tasting chicken , eggs and julienned carrots.

I like how well balanced the sauce was - not overly sweet or sour - just right . And the dish was easy to eat because it was not greasy at all - just like something your mum would cook at home.

Accompanying the udon was also a lovely bowl of high grade miso soup filled generously with seaweed and toufu . The red miso was tasty and I was surprised how it wasn’t salty at all so you could really taste the genuine soy bean fragrance .

The service was first class also - especially the warm redemption from Amy 🥰.

Will be back for more !

💵: $10

🤔: Was half expecting the noodles to be soft and limp, but it was so chewy!! This dish wasn't too sweet and as someone who doesn't really enjoy most sweet-savoury dishes, I found myself eating quite a bit of this! Alot of ingredients for a $10 stir fried udon + wok hei 😋😋😋

Slightly soggy with a tiny bit of gravy but the udon was still chewy. Seasoned just right. Quite eggy too.

$10-$12 (can’t rmb). This plate of yaki-udon is only good on the first mouth, after that it feels like you are eating fried mee.

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Great taste, though it could be too salty sometimes. 😅

This plate of stir-fry udon contains generous amount of eggs, every mouth of udon is filled with the eggy bits. It also comes with carrots, spring onions, chicken and top with bonito flakes (S$10).


The fried udon tasted slightly different from what I had previously. Still good nonetheless, albeit being a tad salty.

If you know me, you will know I love noodles! This one wasn't bad. 😻🍴

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