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Salted Caramel Banana Brioche French Toast

$10.00 · 48 Reviews

French toast ($12++)

Comes with caramelized bananas and berries and strawberries. Tastes good with the salted caramel sauce. Nice.

carbonara was one of the best carbonara i have eaten!! good quality! french toast was not bad, best part was the bananas that were sprinkled with sugar and then torched. sauce was abit too thick. would come back again for the carbonara!

i love the brioche bread and the caramelized banana on the french toast!!! the bacon carbonara ($15) was also very tasty 😊

the french toast was light and fluffy, carrying a cinnamon fragrance. my only gripe was that the toast was slightly dry. nevertheless, served with caramelised bananas, berries and an artful brush of caramel sauce, this plate was a delightful way to start my weekend. using burpple beyond for this also made my wallet happier 😋

rating: 6.5/10

An oldie but a goodie, One Man Coffee’s French Toast is a pick-me-up any time of the week! Fluffy brioche, candied walnuts, salted caramel and fresh fruits (dat caramelised banana mmmmm). Sounds like it might be too sweet, but I thought it was quite well balanced, or just get this to share, you won’t regret it either way. Psst, 1-for-1 here with #BurppleBeyond!

(Ok those are definitely not the real names of the dishes.) It’s my second time here and we weren’t disappointed (despite probably having picked the wrong dishes). I changed my mind last minute at the counter and picked the french toast, and it was decent - we really enjoyed the ?salted caramel, the super fresh berries and the caramelised bananas, though the toast was too dry for me. I’m not big on salads but the passionfruit dressing was refreshing. Coffee was good and strong!! but the tea was not our thing.



got d french toast,, gashouse eggs,, grilled cheese sandwich& spicy mushroom aglio oglio

french toast was rly soft & taSty hEh and d caramelized banana rLy takes it 2 anOther level !!! gashouse eggs were d beSt in my fam’s opinion as it had cheese on d top & eggs in d breD suPpoer gUd !!! d pasSta was a lil 2 spiCy 4 d sistAr but was actl cOoked p well & super delishious ~ grilled cheese sandwich taste p noRmal & nothiNg much special but iTs still gUd yE wlD 11/11 come baCk !!!! staff was rly v friendly tooOooo hehe

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Topped up the Gashouse with some candied bacons for even more satisfaction from the bacon jam.
For a sweeter touch, their French Toast was a harmonious combination of caramelised banana, fruits and crunchy walnut with a good dark caramel sauce.

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French toast is tasty and the caramelized banana was delicious. The bread is delightful with the caramel sauce, bread was soft on the inside. My son was hoping that it comes with ice cream. 😂
We ordered the breakkie too, and it was great, comes with half avocado that was fresh. Yumz!

Came here and used Burpple Beyond to get a french toast (for myself) and carbonara for my friend!! The french toast was amazing, sweet, and thoroughly soaked through with the taste of cinnamon! The accompanying caramelized bananas were done to perfection as well. To get some protein on the side, i ordered scrambled eggs ($4), which were fluffy, warm and buttery. Would definitely come here again!

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