Salted Caramel Banana Brioche French Toast

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Not bad! Toast was very fluffy inside, and the caramelised banana had a sugar top you could shatter. Candied walnuts were crunchy, salted caramel was very rich so I didn’t have a lot of it but it was nice. Surprisingly the overall dish wasn’t too sweet, but also maybe because I shared it with a friend. Worth a try, and also made more affordable with burpple beyond :)

oh my I took such a bad photo but this was great!!! the brioche was super rich and the toast had a delicious crunch on it, accompanied with the caramelised banana and caramel sauce it was a decadent dish :-)

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1-for-1 main + cold brew
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French Toast (S$15)
With caramelised banana, strawberries, blueberries, candid walnuts, and salted caramel
Selected white bread which was so fluffy.

Bacon Carbonara (S$15)
Served with an onsen egg

White Cold Brew (S$6.50)

Total S$15 (main) + S$6 (cold brew) + S$0.50 (Topup for white cold brew) x 2 = S$22

One Man Coffee
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Tel ☎️ : 9658 1685
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absolutely loved the french toast!! the toast was thick & fluffy, and there were notes of cinnamon in every mouthful. the caramelized bananas were a nice touch as it lent a hint of bitterness & fragrance to offset the sweetness from the otherwise cloyingly sweet dish.

The French Toast ($15) consists of a thick chunk of toasted fluffy brioche with walnuts, blueberries, strawberries and caramelized banana as well as an artful smear of salted caramel sauce.

I found it a tad too dry for my liking. The French Toast I am familiar with is usually very moist and soaked with egg and milk before being fried and it was evident this was not. Plus it was toasted in a way that drew out even more of the moisture, making it even drier. Perhaps the addition of ice cream would have helped (the option is available at $4). The salted caramel sauce has a burnt toffee flavor I can't quite place. It was an interesting compliment to the toast. I also really liked the caramelized banana.

But still, really liked the nice ambience and the good service. The soft sunlight and the wood finishings give it such a rustic, welcoming charm.


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Back at One Man! Love the gashouse eggs here - soft chewy cheese with a runny egg within fluffy brioche bread, with bacon jam at the side. I really enjoyed the French toast here too. The caramelised bananas were an excellent touch, and the fruits and berries were fresh! Only (tiny) gripe would be that the toast could be a little more moist/wet.

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French toast ($12++)

Comes with caramelized bananas and berries and strawberries. Tastes good with the salted caramel sauce. Nice.

carbonara was one of the best carbonara i have eaten!! good quality! french toast was not bad, best part was the bananas that were sprinkled with sugar and then torched. sauce was abit too thick. would come back again for the carbonara!

i love the brioche bread and the caramelized banana on the french toast!!! the bacon carbonara ($15) was also very tasty 😊

the french toast was light and fluffy, carrying a cinnamon fragrance. my only gripe was that the toast was slightly dry. nevertheless, served with caramelised bananas, berries and an artful brush of caramel sauce, this plate was a delightful way to start my weekend. using burpple beyond for this also made my wallet happier πŸ˜‹

rating: 6.5/10