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Big Brekkie

$15.00 · 53 Reviews

So worth it with 1-1. Fantastically done scrambled eggs, runny with defined layers (reminds me of how mcdees made theirs in the old days).

We got one set each with Burpple Beyond 😍 ($9.50) Chose the scrambled eggs, as well as the sunny side ups! The scrambled egg was creamy and not too salty while the sunny side ups were crispy at the edges. Not to mention, the bacon was amazingly done- golden brown and crispy. It went well with the generous serving of avocado. Loved the mushrooms and it complemented the sour dough well too. Appreciated the cube of butter that enhanced the bread’s flavors 😭 Sausage was good and the salad was not too dry! Super satisfying meal 💗

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Worth it with Burpple Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So big n naissseeee

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Eggs, bacon, Spanish chorizo, salad, sourdough rye, sauteed mushrooms and avocado ($17). Standard components, average taste and nothing really outstanding. Good for people who like the safe option.

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Used beyond 1-1 for this meal. Just your usual American breakfast!

Request to replace the toast to more green and they agree to do that. Overall nice breakfast for me

Used Burpple Beyond for 2 of this Big Brekkie and it was so worth it!
The bacon and sauerkraut were especially juicy and delicious and the mushrooms were very flavourful. They were very generous as they gave half an avocado (I couldn't finish it even after ordering more sourdough to eat it with)
Also ordered an iced mocha and tea to go with our brunch 😊

Will definitely visit again because Upper Thomson is one of my favourite cafe spots!

Comprising of a chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, mushroom, bacon, toast and avocado, this is definitely a popular dish as many people were happily devouring it when we came. Overall quite a standard dish for a cafe.

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1️⃣ Eggs 2️⃣ Mushrooms 3️⃣ Avocado 4️⃣ Italian Sausage 5️⃣ Bacon 6️⃣ Toasted Bread? I have sooooo much love for the beautiful half-avo 🥑 here! .

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BIG Breakfast is always my top brunch choice at cafes and I had high expectations on One Man Coffee's All-In Brekkie ($19) as it seemed highly raved. 👏🏻 Featuring a choice of eggs (we had the classic scrambled eggs but you can choose to have onsen or fried eggs too), avocado, bacon strips, sautéed mushrooms, chorizo, side salad & sour dough, you’ll get to savour a bit of everything with this number. 😍😍😍
My verdict? Well, there are some hits & misses on this plate. 👌🏻 Despite not being a fan of bacon, the perfectly crispy bacon strips were surprisingly my favourite! ❤❤❤ Extremely thin, crispy, savoury & not overly greasy, these pair well with any other sides on the plate. The juicy mushrooms were also pretty palatable. 👍🏻
While the scrambled eggs were sufficiently moist, they were too bland for my liking. 😔 Definitely needs a little more salt to bring out the eggy fragrance. As for their chorizo sausage which was mildly spicy 🔥, it carried quite a gamey taste despite using several spices as seasoning, so it wasn’t to my liking. Sourdough slices were pretty thin & miserly as well. 😅
Enjoying this 1-for-1 using #BurppleBeyond could pose as a good deal ✌🏻, otherwise this big breakfast was mediocre at best IMO. 😐

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