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Big Brekkie

$15.00 · 58 Reviews

Extremely filling, generous and delicious breakfast after a hike at Macritchie Treetop Walk~ I love the avocado 🥑, scrambled eggs 🍳, sautéed mushrooms & sourdough🥖! Bacon 🥓 & sausage a tad too salty and oily for me.

But will come back to try other dishes~
P/S: Prices are nett here!

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What is there not to love about a big plate full of delicious looking food?

Portion was generous, taste was good and totally leaving the place with a full stomach.

A very good deal with burpple beyond

I'm always weak for breakfast food and this was really satisfying actually. The avocado was a nice touch and really added to the creaminess of the dish. The ambience here was full of young people and the service wasn't bad too.

this dish boasted generous portions with uncompromising taste. i liked how you can choose from 3 different kinds of eggs - scrambled, onsen or sunny side up. my choice of onsen egg was perfectly jiggly and went well with the toast, though larger toast portions would better balance out the entire plate as I felt that every other aspect of this dish tasted better when paired with the toast, yet there wasn’t enough to go around. despite that though, the sausage was sizeable with a substantial chew without being overtly oily. the avocado and mushrooms were also well seasoned.

using burpple beyond definitely made this extra worth it!!!

rating: 7/10

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Deal: Burpple Beyond 1-for-1

Soo glad that this cafe is on Burpple Beyond! Super worth it with the 1-for-1 deal 😋 Love the sausage and creamy scrambled eggs! They were really generous with the portions too (look at the bacon slices!) Spread avocado on the sourdough bread and you get avocado toast! Love the chai latte here as well 😊 Do note that indoor seating is quite limited and be prepared to sit outside (which can get quite hot)


So worth it with 1-1. Fantastically done scrambled eggs, runny with defined layers (reminds me of how mcdees made theirs in the old days).

We got one set each with Burpple Beyond 😍 ($9.50) Chose the scrambled eggs, as well as the sunny side ups! The scrambled egg was creamy and not too salty while the sunny side ups were crispy at the edges. Not to mention, the bacon was amazingly done- golden brown and crispy. It went well with the generous serving of avocado. Loved the mushrooms and it complemented the sour dough well too. Appreciated the cube of butter that enhanced the bread’s flavors 😭 Sausage was good and the salad was not too dry! Super satisfying meal 💗

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Worth it with Burpple Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So big n naissseeee

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Eggs, bacon, Spanish chorizo, salad, sourdough rye, sauteed mushrooms and avocado ($17). Standard components, average taste and nothing really outstanding. Good for people who like the safe option.

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Used beyond 1-1 for this meal. Just your usual American breakfast!