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Gindara Teriyaki Set

$14.50 Β· 11 Reviews

One of fuss free dining option in town, be sure to pop by Nakajima during off peak hours to avoid the queue! The cod fish was meaty and buttery, though I would prefer it to be more char grilled with a smoky taste and caramelization of the teriyaki saue. But at $14.50 with rice, salad, miso soup and hot green tea, I'm not complaining!


Leave some rice after finishing the fish - just to mop up that light, aromatic, smoky fish oil left on the plate. It's that good.

Haven’t had my favourite Mero Saikyo Set (Cod Fish) in a long time due to the long queues during lunch and dinner times, so we decided to have dinner at 4pm. πŸ˜…
Still love the buttery cod that falls apart in your mouth. Comes with a side of salad, rice, cold tofu and miso soup.
Was a little greedy today so we had Salmon Sashimi as well. Super delicious. πŸ˜‹
#NakajimaSuisan #TakashimayaSG *

Favourite dining place during off peak hours. Price are nett and very worth it! Teriyaki Gindara cost $14.50 and the set consist of rice, fish, salad, cold tofu and miso soup. Love their Oden and Chawamushi too!


One of my favourite place for a decent set meal! Choice of fish that comes with tofu, miso soup, rice and salad. Buri Shioyaki (Yellowtail) ($14.50) was a little heavier on the tastebuds and meaty; Kinme Dai Saikyo Yaki (Alfonsino) $14.50, was also really good! A little like the cod fish but flesh was even sweeter (perhaps also because of the saikyo miso) and slightly more bite to it. Wished the portion was bigger though. Skin was so crispy but a little charred. If I had to choose only one, I might prefer this to my all-time favourite fish, gindara teriyaki (Cod fish) $14.50. Fish here are really fresh and well-marinated without overpowering.


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Pretty sure the cod fish was one of the better ones I had recently? X just called it his new favourite place cos he loved this.