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Tried the seasonal tart Pistachio, cant really taste the pistachio as the cream was overwhelming. Went around 2pm and they sold out most of the tarts, only left strawberry cakes. Highly recommend pre-order before going down.

pistachio dacquoise with vanilla cream and fresh strawberry

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Mix of pistachio, almond and hazelnut with light caramel and orange marmalade

This tart came with a rich Iranian pistachio frangipane filling with pistachio cream. I’m a huge fan of frangipane, and this one had small chunks of pistachio inside, so this was really delicious and fragrant. Reminded me of Italian gelato in tart form, which is the highest of complements!

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The tarts tastes good, not too cloying. Pistachio tasted natural and nutty, and passionfruit meringue was refreshing. The crusts were not too hard and cut nicely with a fork. However, prices were a little steep at $10 per tart.

Fresh cherry in a pistachio frangipane topped with vanilla crumble

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S$10 for this pistachio tart. A bit pricey, but so worth it! I will definitely be back to try different flavours!

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Toasted Sicilian pistachios frangipane with pistachio cream

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The pistachio flavour was light yet fragrant, the pistachio nuts add an extra crunchiness to it which we enjoyed quite a bit!