Seafood Jjamppong

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@jinjjachicken is a Korean Fast Food Restaurant that serves more than just 🍗Fried chicken and fries. They have burgers, sandwiches, noodles, salads, kimbap, jia jiang myeon, jjampong and much more. All their outlets are also halal certified.⭐️
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Jinjja Chicken is different as the place & decor is simple. No frills cafe setting. Location is excellent, just few shops away from Bugis Street entrance & opposite Bugis Junction Mall. Is really a must try! Alot of variety of korean food. Ranging from jjajangmyeon to kimbap and to chicken wings. Fusion food such as kimchi fries, burgers and such. Their pricing is very affordable and the taste is really good!

Simply love their finger licking good wings! I try their Soy Garlic and Yangnyeom wings and they are fabulous. The taste is not just the outside or skin of the chicken, it sips through inside the meat. I recommend yangneom flavour for the chicken wing. It is a little spicy only and if you can't take spicy, the soy flavour is not spicy at all. To differentiate them, the Yangnyeom (spicy) has black sesame seeds while the Soy Garlic has white sesame seeds!

Tried their jjajangmyeon and jjampong set too and it was really good. Jjajjangmyeon is good for those who prefers non-spicy noodles. Jjampong is spicy so you actually get the best of both world in a set of half jjampong and half jjajang. 

For people who prefer rice can try their bibimbap. A bed of rice lies at the bottom of your bowl and a plethora of minced chicken, carrots, cucumber, kimchi, seaweed, egg and some sauce on top. So you mix it all up and dig in! Tasty!

I simply in love with their Seafood Mandu too. The Mandu has a great crispy exterior that you’re gonna love chomping down on to get that great crisp. Inside this little parcel of yumminess is prawns and chives. It comes with soy-sesame sauce drizzled over it and it is an absolutely perfect pairing and addictive.

The tteobokki and fries is recommended too. Tteobokki has a little bit of a hard n chewy texture, served with sauce that is quite spicy. Really good!

Couldn't decide between jjampong and jjajang myeon? Try @jinjjachicken 2-in-1 jjamjja meyon for $11.90.

Personally I like the jjampong better cause it has a rich seafood taste and kick of spiciness to it ❤️


Great variety of casual korean cuisine including the all time favourite fried chicken! Choose from 3 different flavours from and get wow by the crunch and taste. The salads are another great option to go for. For those who have trouble deciding which noodles to go for, the half and half of jjamppong and Jajangmyeon is a perfect match. Add another chicken cutlet for the best experience. Check out

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🔥JJAMPPONG MYEON MONSTER 🔥 set meal (noodles, fries n drink)
Since i love the spicyness of the samyang noodles, i decided to give it a shot to "MONSTER" level of spicy instead of the "NORMAL" one. Well, this is way beyond madness with an instant effect to the stomach!! I'm not quite sure whether i'm gonna give it a shot the 2nd time 😅

🔥JINJJA DRUMSTICKS MONSTER🔥 set meal (3 drumsticks, fries and drinks)
Eventhough the level of spicyness is the same but it is not as bad as compare to the noodles. You can still taste the semi-sweet-spicy kindof flavour. ❤️ it!!

ㅠㅠ Slurpppps 😋 Th soy sauce chicken wings were too hard for my liking but th drumlets tasted well! We also had sesame seaweed fries! I quite like this place! 🍜🍗🍟Ps. This place is halal certified -J

Half & half has always been my favourite 🙌🏻 So despite the lack of flavours from Jjajjangmyeon (in fact it was almost totally bland?), their Jjamppong surprisingly delivers - with generous mix of vegetables, mussels, clams & squid (I freaking love squid). Don't expect too much though, it's a fast food concept after all. But I'd still give their fried chicken a double thumbs up - definitely much better than the ones we get from 4 Fingers & even Nene.
One thing to note though would be the extremely lacklustre service. Waited almost 15 minutes in queue alone at 3.30pm, the counter staff was totally taking his time for seriously who knows what reason - he could be new but a few other staff didn't offer to help to expedite the process & were just idling behind the counter (sigh). No apologies in the end as expected so okay, I gave myself a pat that day for being extremely patient 🤔 Seriously though that's so much for 'fast' food, to the point the guy behind me gave up queuing & left. But yup food's alright but I'd get someone else to queue for me next time☝🏻️

JINJJA!!!!!! 🤑✨🍗🍗🍗 #inanotherlife #brokegirl91 #agirlcandream
Ain't got a benchmark for that jjajangmyeon or jjampong (2-in-1 for $10.50, add $2 for cutlet!) but it is pretty affordable k-food. &&& HALAL! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚 Wings were decent too la haha nothing mindblowing, go for the soy garlic (6 wings for $7.90, +$2 for fries/drink).

Jinjja wings, 2-in1 bowl Jjajang myeon and Jjamppong, Tteokbokki fries and Sesame seaweed fries

As it is quite hard to find halal Korean food, my friends and I were so excited to check out the hype at this place. We ordered the 2-in-1 combo($10.90) as we wanted to try both the Jjajangmyeon and Jjamppong. We also ordered Tteokbokki fries($3.50 for small) and the mix Jinjja Wings($7.90 for 6pcs). Definitely worth the try and would come back for more korean food!!