Mad About Dolce

$6.90 ยท 6 Reviews

And why cafe serves decent mocktails. Especially the mad about dolce is so pretty good. The rest of the mocktails eg elder mint tea is really refreshing.

SGD 6.90 - Non-Alcoholic Mocktail ! They are known for this special mocktail. Personally, i find it a little weird but i guess it's worth trying


hahs! nevertheless it was a great drink to bring up my sugar level (as if I needed more) before the party arrived tonight at @andwhyatbalilane 'was great catching up with ex-colleagues whom I haven't seen for... a week! ๐Ÿ˜‚ @igsg #igsg #foodpornasia #singapore #burpple #setheats #foodsg #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgcafe #sgcafehopping @cafehoppingsg #sgcafefood @sgcafefood @sgfoodie #mocktail #chocolate

Essentially a persuasive Baileys imitation as prepared by a sugar-obsessed spammer. I wished a Baileys version existed somewhere - being intoxicated and not self-aware would be the preferred state of mind for having this drink since chomping around the glass to finish the nuts rather resembles a deranged woodpecker. 3.6/5

& why does it have alcoholic taste when its a mocktail (non-alcholic)? A bailey like non-alcoholic drink with chocolate and marshmallow and that nutty ring around the cup.