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Aburi Kaisen Chirashi Don

$26.90 · 29 Reviews

Thick rich slices of sashimi on top of moist sticky sushi rice!

Usually order the aburi chirashi don which is quite hard to find in Singapore at this price point. 🍱

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So happy to be reunited with this bowl of aburi kaisen don 😚

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impromptu decision to go down without making a reservation, thankful the queue was kind and under 10 minutes. next time gonna try the aburi kaisen chirashi don!!! #burpple #sgfood #thesushibar #salmon

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Not going to be a food blogger though it might be nice to be invited to free food tasting. Just reminiscing good food and #freetreats days. Next time, the nearest good food places will probably be JB. In pictures: aburi kaisen chirashi, salmon aburi and dragon roll,scallop mentaiyaki, 5 kind sashimi and fried fish skin. Wished that they didn't "overcook" with the aburi though. #farewelllunch #mondaymood #burpple #burpplesg #sashimi #japfoodie

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I wrote about this back in 2015 (reproduced below) and years later things are still the same. The indulgent, sensual thickness of cut that The Sushi Bar practises may satisfy one's primal sashimi-hungry craves, but when applied to an aburi context, the segue between seared and raw becomes very jarring - instead of toeing the happy line of melted semi-solid, you get the unsettling, queasy psychological feeling that you're eating a slab of salmon that is half cooked as opposed to well, being intentionally raw (swipe to view what I mean). The aburi kaisen don came across worse this time, and the point about value I made in 2015 may have well become irrelevant given the current trend of far cheaper (bara) chirashi. 3.2/5

This is what I wrote back in 2015: "Evoked the feels I had when I discovered that a Komodo Dragon didn’t breathe fire or fly. Only the scallop emerged from the searing process a radically improved goddess – elsewhere, while the seductive aroma of melted fish fat permeated the air, the salmon was positively Jekyll/Hyde-esque with its cooked and uncooked personalities, the tuna had a most meaty mannerism, the swordtail was curiously cooked yet torrentially wet within, and the amberjack flapped its tail puzzledly. Still bloody value for money, though. 3.7/5"


The aburi chirashi don was amazing. The portion was so generous, I would say it's probably enough for 2 person. The fish was THICK, fresh and buttery, with just a hint of the savoury burnt taste. The rice was just the right amount of sweet and goes so well with the fish. This might be my new favourite Japanese restaurant.


Aburi Kaisen Don ($26.90)

It has been on my wish list for the longest time, but I never really quite understood the hype surrounding this particular chirashi don, hence the long period of time before I actually went to visit. But I understand it now, thanks to the freshness of their fish, and that gorgeous outer sear from the blowtorch that adds a smoky flavour to the fish. Oh and also the lovely smell of aburi which envelops the entire restaurant.

I'm usually enjoy salmon more than the rest of the fishes, but this is the first time I found every type of fish equally enjoyable, perhaps due to the freshness. I guess one tell-tale sign was the redness of their tuna, where normal Japanese restaurants tend to serve tuna that is more pink than red.

Although it looks like a small portion, it was rather filling even though I was hungry as the slices were rather thick, which made each bite extremely satisfying.