Beef Ribs

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The beef short ribs at Royz et Vouz are an absolute STEAL for $42++. Seriously. It's a solid 500+ grams of beef, so tender it just slides off the bone, accompanied by astonishingly shiok roast potatoes and carrots (none of that usual tasteless sides here) and a refreshing salad. This easily fed 3 people, and is incredibly worth it at the price.

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600g of glorious fall-off-the-bone tender beef on a bed of soft potatoes and carrots. every bite was a like a little piece of heaven to the palate. recommended to be shared between 3 people as a big eater and beef lovers like me and my friend can't even finish it along with the bed of potatoes

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Short ribs is highly recommended!

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Oh the lamb was only 1 out of 3 mains that we ordered. /notguiltyatall the beef ribs were fork tender juicy and smoky that enhances the umami of the beef. I'm drooling right now. :D