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Wagyu Don

$35.00 Β· 9 Reviews

Wagyu beef cooked to perfection with truffle oil and served together with onions and sous vide egg in a donburi. The runny whites and yolk from the onsen egg goes so well with the truffled onions and medium well wagyu: The beef dissolves and the goodness and flavours are liquefied with the crunchiness from the onions and short grain japanese rice.

$45++. This was perfectly delicious and the amount of foie gras and tender, marbled wagyu was generous. However, i found myself regretting not ordering the truffle wagyu don instead - surely that would have been more complex and dimensional compared to the rather predictable sweet yakiniku sauce. I would return for that!

This is everything I love in one bowl! I call this the full works. A must try for all wagyu donburi lovers.

Wagyu, uni, foie gras, fresh shaven truffles, perfect onsen! Cloud 9..


after trying it, i think i still prefer the wagyu don over at fat cow. my onsen egg was slightly overcooked so i didn't get to watch yolkporn Π©(ΒΊΠ”ΒΊΠ©) meat wise, i thought it was well seasoned but a little tough. then again, the toughness could have been due to me waiting for my friend's food to come before eating.

Wagyu Don ($35). Thank you Chef Raymond for this wonderful bowl of bliss.

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I ordered wagyu don and it takes me to heaven! The truffle smell was so strong (in a good way for sure), the meat was cook to perfection! not to mention the generous amount of spring onions (yeah it is important for me) oh and the onsen egg too!! 😍 every bite is so heavenly i finished it in no time. I don't know if its just me or the portion is small? i'll definitely come back again to satisfy my beef craving!


Pan seared wagyu beef with onsen egg over rice with truffle soy sauce. The beef is tender and perfect. I couldn't get enough of this dish. The lunch sets are pretty mind blowing with an awesome selection at affordable prices.