Pork Cheek Rice Bowl

$17.00 ยท 8 Reviews

Choice of white rice or multi-grain rice.

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A pretty good rice bowl to get if you are considering a change from their popular sashimi one. I found the slices of pork cheek sufficient for the price, and they were well seasoned and really tender. One word of caution though - the meat has quite an obvious "porky smell", so if you are sensitive to such things, this may not be the best option for you. Personally, I am ok with it as I am a big fan of pork. The egg I got today was not the extremely wobbly "onsen" sort (not sure if that's the standard) but it was perfect with everything else in the bowl.

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Opting for brown rice with my order of Pork Cheek Don ($17++) for an additional $1, I wanted to reduce the guilt feelings of my CNY binge eating and have a somewhat healthier lunch. Atop the crunchy, chewy texture of the grains, were tender pork cheeks slices and a perfectly runny cold onsen egg to be mixed in then adding richness to the dish. Yum, will definitely be back to try Kojiโ€™s Unagi Don.


The meticulous plating and quality of food presented far exceeds the price you pay. Looking at the menu, I definitely have to go for the Pork Cheek Rice Bowl ($17, upgrade to brown rice which happened to be a hot favourite for an additional $1).

When served, after snapping a couple of shots, mix the onsen egg well with the rice and pork cheeks, and you are in for a treat. The smooth and decadent pork cheeks definitely took center stage and shone throughout the show. I am absolutely sold on this.

Address: 3, Pickering Street, Unit 01-42, Singapore 048660

Though touted to be their #1 cooked donburi, the Pork Cheek Rice Bowl was probably the least impressive among the three I've tried. The poached egg was slightly overcooked, hence we didn't get that runny yolk which would have tied the dish together. Flavour-wise, the marriage of ingredients was acceptable, but nothing really stood out for me. The tender porky cheeks were probably the only redeeming factor. I'd say, just go for the unagi rice bowl if you're looking for a lip-smacking intensely satisfying cooked donburi.
Koji is located at China Square, opposite the very popular Wang Dae Bak restaurant. The space is small, so do call for reservation is you are going with a big party.


Admittedly this was actually decent quality; tender pork cheek, subtly sweet rice doused in soy sauce and cold Onsen egg served atop, but after having the Don at DSTLLRY this seemed to be lacking a little something in flavour and felt pretty unexciting despite being a rather good bowl.


Immediately savouring first love again, I indeed have the CHEEKS to say so. The pork cheeks so tender and soft, one bite and it breaks and melts in my mouth. It comes with a perfect onsen egg, when mixed with the rice and dipping the cheek into the runny yolk, so good you have to try it for yourself! Changed my white rice to brown rice for an additional $1, for an healthier more a filling lunch! Indeed I came out of koji rubbing my rather round tummy.