Chicken Briyani

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This time round, instead of just walking by it, the smell led me right into the restaurant to a plate of Chicken Beryani ($11). My recent craving for a good plate of chicken biryani was duly satisfied here, as the fluffy basmati rice was clearly the winner on this plate. It was so well cooked with their secret spice blend and the fried onions made it even better. As this is a dum biryani, the chicken is cooked with the rice and each order comes with a side of cucumber salad. Don’t look down on the salad as the spicy tangy cucumbers sort of cut through the heaviness of the dish to ensure you don’t get filled up as quickly. However, what is a slight let down to an otherwise good plate of biryani is probably the chicken which is not as well marinated as the inside of the meat has a lack of flavours. The bowl of curry that comes with it is good but not necessary as the rice itself is good enough to be eaten on its own.
Islamic Restaurant
Address: 745, North Bridge Road, Singapore 198713
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Chicken Beryani ($11)
It looked messy but flavourful with tender meat.
The restaurant has been around for many years. Our guide's grandfather used the restaurant to cater for his parents' wedding in the past.
Event : Kampong Galem Food Trail with Khir Johari
Organizer : Singapore Heritage Festival 2016
Conducted by : Malay Heritage Centre @MalayHeritage
Date : 7 May 2016
Time : 9am - 12pm
Islamic Restaurant
Address 🏠 : 745 North Bridge Road, Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ 198 713
Tel ☎️ : 6298 7563
Open πŸ’ˆ : 10am - 10pm
MRT πŸš‡ : Bugis (DT14/ EW12)


Ordered the chicken briyani and naan + butter chicken. Portion for the briyani is enormous along with the chicken wing which is hidden under this mountain of rice, quite worth the price if you can eat a lot. Briyani was pretty good, though I prefer mine cooked with a lot more spices haha. The naan and butter chicken was super good too, my friend ordered it and immediately fell in love. The bandung is good too, although a bit too concentrated (maybe it's just me). Price wise is gr8 for big eaters 😁 Would come back again πŸ‘


Sharing with you a food review of a guest twin sister Cleo. Yes, I have a twin! And like me, she shares the same passion for great food! Enjoy Reading!😊

Islamic Restaurant is nestled amongst the various shops and restaurants near Arab St. Have I known about this restaurant before, my husband and I would have always come back here when we're craving for Nasi Biryani or Indian food. Not only was their food delicious, but their servings were big and their rates were very cheap! I read somewhere that they serve one of the best Biryani in Singapore and they were not joking about that. Although I'm not an expert in Biryani, I've had my fair share of them and theirs definitely made an impression. Their Fried Chicken Biryani was really delicious. The presentation was not good but I've learned here that you should not judge a book by its cover. The Biryani rice was definitely the star of the dish! The basmati rice was cooked just right. It used the right amount of aromatics and spices, and the gravy poured onto the rice was so flavorful. The fried chicken was juicy and tender. I like that they offer breast part as well (which is the part of the chicken that I prefer) since some restaurants only have the thigh part available.

I must admit that some of their Indian food was just at par. Their Butter Chicken was good but compared to the ones I've had before, it was less creamy and the morsels of chicken were definitely smaller. Also, their Garlic Naan was not garlicky enough for me. Their Keema Mattar and Dal Fry made up for it though. I'm not a fan of mutton because of its gamey aftertaste but the minced mutton in their Keema was not like that. I can subtly sense its gaminess and the green peas were not too mushy. I enjoyed it to the point that I was able to eat several helpings of it. Their Dal Fry on the other hand, was very tasty and had the right balance of spices for me. I would have to say that they should have a light hand in using ghee though since it was a bit oily.

The Mango Lassi was very refreshing, my husband and I really liked it. It had the right amount of sweetness and tanginess and you can really taste the mango. Hmmm...I wonder what mango they used since it was really good!

As for the Caramel pudding that I had for dessert, I have to say...I was quite surprised that they offer this. It's the same as our country's delicacy called "Leche Flan". I didn't know that Islamic and/or Indian cuisine also have this. Actually, had I known, I would have opted for another dessert. It's not that it was not good, it was...but if I would compare it to the one I make, I prefer mine any time of day...Lol! Theirs was a bit firmer and less creamy. I can tell that their rendition had a bit of egg whites mixed in. The caramel sauce would have been better if they squeezed a bit of lemon to it just to balance out the sweetness.

Overall though, I really enjoyed my experience here. It was just disappointing that there were a lot of dishes that were not available when we went there (according to them, it was because their real chef was not around and will only be back after 2 weeks). Now, there's a reason for us to come back try the other dishes that we've missed and to test out their "real" chef's cooking.

$9, served with Acha and dhal. Huge serving. Well flavoured rice with tender chunky chicken.

Open since 1921 and known as the best briyani restaurant for many years past, Islamic Restaurant has a long history. Having moved down the street, the restaurant retains its old world charm with photos of famous patrons over the years, and allows you to dine comfortably in air-con. Go for the mutton over the chicken briyani, tender meat with beautifully light, fragrant, high-quality basmati rice. The fish and prawn briyani are good too. While it is arguably no longer the best, it is an excellent briyani. Photo by Jayne Tan