Squid Ink Fettuccini

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Amazing amazing stuff. Another class act of Kilo, which assembled the al dente fettuccini richly coated with squid ink, tempura baby squids, onsen egg and topped off with ikura (salmon roes). And the result is an ensemble of richness, savoury, al dente in a fusion pasta dish, nothing short of experimentation, but expertly done in brining together the right ingredients, taste and texture. The only shortcoming which is usually not what I see myself complaining is that the pasta's slightly under-cooked.

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Had high hopes for this but it turned out meh? Wasn't sure if it was too close to closing that's why. Pasta was tough and hard, onsen egg wasn't an onsen egg. At least the baby squids were good. #8dayseat #burpple #kiloatpact #kilosg #eatoutsg

The most striking thing about this dish would be its tremendous value-for-money; you won't believe the enormous portion and variety. Three huge and simply sauteed prawns, fabulously fresh with that firm flesh and sweetness compete with the crispy fried baby squid for attention. A sprinkle of sesame seeds, and a toss of roasted curry leaves for additional flavor, and you have happiness in a bowl. Gently break the raw egg yolk sitting on top of the al-dente pasta, and let all that goodness flow and coat the noodles for a creamier taste and a smoother texture. I don't routinely order anything that will potentially create a mess, but for this, I will make an exception.
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With sautéed prawns, crispy squids topped with a raw egg yolk. Easily the best squid ink pasta I've ever had! Sometimes you tend to keep searching for the squid ink taste, but this was full of seafood flavor with an appropriate level of saltiness. Once you break the yolk, it coats nicely onto the al dente pasta and gives it a nice texture. The prawns are the stars here - they are sautéed till a nice brown, yet retaining the sweetness of the meat. The fried baby squid added a nice chewy bite to this dish, along with some crunchy Japanese green seaweed.


Gosh I wish they served this in bigger portions because the squid ink sauce was delicious! It was great but certainly not enough!!

The squid ink taste wasn't so strong but the pasta was not bad :)

Squid ink fettuccini with sautéed prawns...and an egg yolk for good measure. ヽ(●^▽^●)ノ #sgfood

Eeeeggggggggg forgot to take a video of e oozzzzeeee #kiloatpact #sgfood #singapore #orchardcentral squid ink pasta, prawns, egg yolk

Squid ink pasta, loved the extra kick with chilli padi! #latergram