Tom Yum Soup/Noodles

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Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Thick) ($6):
Comes with fried fish, prawn, mushroom and sotong.
Tom yum soup is flavorful and it definitely packs a punch! Still one of my favourite tom yum soup in SG

Worth the price considering the amount of seafood given and soup was extremely balanced with the sourness and spiciness which gave it a kick. || Check review 👇🏼

I came here Thursday night around 7 pm. The line is already long. I think we waited here around 20 minutes less or more. They gave us the menu while queueing.

So here it is what we ordered:

- The Tom Yum Seafood is a must eat if you go to the Thailand restaurant, I think. This is definitely a champion. Nothing was wrong. It’s quite spicy in your throat, but that’s what ‘thai food’ supposed to bring the feel to you. Inside got 1 cherry tomato, 1 prawns, 1 long fish meat, 3 or more (idk) squid. We ordered clear soup one. The taste was good.

- Green Curry Chicken ($8) is quite unique for me, maybe because I’ve never taste it before. The coconut milk is really overpowering the taste for me. Chicken was tender and they gave quite a portion.

- Phad Thai ($6) was surprisingly good. Usually I didn’t like kuetiaw type and so called, but this one has the feel that makes me want to eat and eat again. The portion is also quite worth it.

- Another one was Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Basil ($6), it’s a little bit salty but I like it, the meat and the onion with a little bit of veggie, it’s good if you eat it with rice, or without (for me) hehehe.

- We also tried Sticky Rice Mango ($3), I feel for the price it is super worth it. The mango is not sweet, also the coconut milk, but with the sticky rice, they became a perfect pair. I actually never tried it before, but this one quite make a standard for me.

- Thai Iced Lemongrass ($3) was just so so for me. The taste of lemongrass is not really strong, hmm. Idk if I’m going to purchase again or not. Better try the iced tea

Inexpensive, taste is very good. Highly recommend Clear Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, Pandan Leaf Chicken

Good ol’ clear Tom Yum Soup from Nakhon Kitchen. I’m a strong advocate of clear Tom Yum Soup as I’m not really a big fan of the milky ones. The clear ones are spicy, tangy, full of flavour and the addition of coconut milk actually dampens it.


After craving Thai for so long, especially when you see the prices on the menu, finally the day has come to dine at Nakhon!!!! The snaking queues were slightly shorter than usual since we started queuing at 6.20 and by 6.45 we were seated! How exhilarating it is to be seated while you observe the queue getting longer and longer 😛😛😛 as usual, this place did not disappoint with the ingredients being fresh despite the low prices. The portions were reasonable as well and the food was generally well seasoned. We had the green curry with chicken, basil pork rice, squid with basil (although next time I'd like to try the curry version), tom yum with prawns, fish cakes, mango salad, kang kong and mixed vegetables, all of which were delicious. It sounds like a lot but it was well portioned such that you can try an assortment of dishes without being stuffed by one alone. The Thai coconut was also on point, I highly recommend!!!! If you manage to catch the timings where the crowd is smaller and the queues are shorter, come for a truly authentic Thai experience!

The restaurant was busy and packed, we queued up and they gave us an umbrella for the sun & menus to look at. Then they served us cold water in plastic cups & took our order whilst we were waiting. This meant when we got our table food was served quickly.
We ordered pandan chicken, Thai fish cakes, Tom yum clear soup with seafood & Pad Thai ($23.50 in total). Big portions, great tasting food & not expensive. Refills of water free.
Amazing service, good food, with no service charge! :) Worth the wait.

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affordable and delicious thai food 😍
pad thai @ $5
pandan leaves chicken @ $6
clear tom yum seafood soup @ $6
stir fried kai lan @ $6
stir fried minced pork with hot basil leaves @ $6
white rice @ $1
red/ green iced tea @ $3

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This place is always a safe bet when in the area and/or in need of a Thai fix.
Just like zi char, it's always a great idea to pull along more friends to eat their other sides. I've been to their other branches but I think the one here trumps in consistency and taste.
Any more aunthentic than this, you'll be sitting by the roadside tables in Thailand (though there are tables perched by the kerb here already...)

Pictured (clockwise): olive fried rice, phad thai, kangkong in chilli belachan, pandan chicken & tom yum seafood (clear)


Huge variety of dishes to choose from, each around $6 or slightly more! Love how the portion was reasonably small so we were able to mix and match more dishes, and you don't get sick eating too much of one dish! We ordered tom yum soup with prawn, sweet and sour pork, kang kong with belachan, and boneless chicken (which was really good!) Wash the spiciness down with their Thai milk tea ($3) which again, was very satisfying.

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