Chicken Hyderabad Dum Biryani

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This is the one of the best selling item in this renowned curry house.

Unlike most biryani served in other places, Fierce served dum style biryani. The boneless chicken thigh is cooked along with the long grained basmati rice is cooked nicely with spices. The flavors will then be sealed inside the container with roti dough. This dish is also accompanied with vegetable raita, achar, and of course a generous amount of curry sauce to be enjoyed with the biryani. The fragrant hot steam filled the room when the lid was opened, teasing everybody's appetite. I am not a fan of spicy food, nevertheless the chicken biryani managed to balance the heat of the curry by complementing each other's flavor. The achar and raita gives the additional freshness to the overall dish.

It was a really wonderful biryani experience!

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