Watermelon Fried Rice

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Had the seafood salad to go with it, which was super appetizing! #Burpple #burppleROO #BYDTB #thai #foodporn

🍉 A creative twist to the traditional pineapple fried rice for this hot weather. ☺️👌🏻

The dishes here don't suffer the one-dimensional fate like some thai food we have here in Singapore. The flavours of the Pad Thai were complex, not overly oily, salty or spicy. The famous Watermelon Fried Rice was superb! Again, the dish was well-balanced and refreshing as we bite into the large watermelon chunks, so addictive we just wanted more after each mouthful. Quality ingredients were used so the meal was really value for money!!

Strongly recommended for those who are in for a refreshing twist! So much flavours and texture engulfing my mouth I can hardly describe this experience.

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😋 Will definitely recommend you to come in a group because the menu is so extensive and the portion is huge! 👌🏻 Oh, watermelon lovers! You got to give their watermelon fried rice a try! 🍉🍚


Tinged with a lovely hue of wok hei to perfume the rice with a smoky aroma, the juicy chunks of watermelon gives it both sweetness and moisture. The fried curds on the side adds the requisite crunch. Superbly delicious and something I can have every time :)
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