Watermelon Fried Rice

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I have always wondered, if pairing watermelon with fried rice, would be a delightful taste or a peculiar one. While the Gin Khao Special watermelon fried rice, or Khao Phat Dtaeng Moe, was generous in portion and seafood ingredients, it was a little strange to savour warm watermelon balls, which could also be an interesting sweet twist to savoury. No doubt the watermelon contributed further to the sweetness of this dish, with pork floss and cashew nuts, I guess I would stick to my pineapple fried rice. Note that the serving in a watermelon bowl is only applicable to 2 pax portion.

The Khao Phat Kaneng Khiew Wan, or signature fragrant rice stir-fried in chicken with special green curry, was contrastingly savoury. There was no lack of onion slices, eggs and some vegetables though chicken meat was slightly lesser, but the tossing of rice in green curry resulted in an overly-moist and mushy texture of the rice. Also, it would have been more delectable if the green curry flavour was stronger instead of being monotonous.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I was even more motivated to check Gin Khao Bistro out for dining by the sea, despite the long travel!

My birthday dinner treat! First try on this watermelon fried rice. Already expected that the watermelon was being tossed in the rice last so you won't taste any watermelon in the rice.
But I like the combination, it's refreshing and nice!

Watermelon fried rice ($14.80), portion good for sharing. (A single portion with sunny side up & Thai salad is also available at $11.80) - Easily one of my favorite of the day. Was initially a 'lil skeptical about this watermelon fried rice despite it looking and smelling absolutely delish - how can warm watermelon be any good? But the juicy warm bits of watermelon added an additional burst of sweetness together with the fragrant fried rice and I was sold. Fresh seafood, topped with chicken floss, cashew nuts and beancurd strips. Here's a twist to your usual pineapple fried rice and a good one at that.

Thanks Gin Khao for hosting us, and #Burpple for the invite!

The most stellar dish in my opinion, is the Khao Phat Dtaeng Moe (Watermelon Fried Rice). Gin Khao switches up the usual pineapple for this refreshing juicy fruit. The rice is served in a watermelon husk with fresh seafood and garnished with pork floss and peanuts. I love how the 'Wok Hei' fragrance of the rice pairs well with the subtly sweet juicy cubes of watermelon flesh. The pork floss added sweetness to the myriad of flavours in the robust dish.
Many thanks to @ginkhao for hosting and @burpple for the invite :)


One of their specialties here; Watermelon Fried Rice. Served in a half watermelon bowl, the fried rice has fried beancurd sheets, meat floss, cashew nuts and watermelon cubes. Comes with a little wok-hei and the usual slightly tinge of tangy sweetness that Thai fried rice carries, but the interesting part had to be the warm watermelon which retains its juiciness, but becomes a little chewy with the change of temperature.


Spent a chillax afternoon with fellow Burpple Tastemakers at the new Gin Khao Bistro at Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove. Enjoyed the various Thai dishes served up such as the Tom Yum Soup, Prawn Spring Rolls and the unique Watermelon Fried Rice. More in the food soon; definitely enjoyed the good food and company as always!