Butcher's Breakfast

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There is, for instance, the impressively executed Fifth Palate interpretation of our emblematic national dish. Called the Malaysian Breakfast, it comes together with a delicious Gula Melaka Teh Tarik (a frothy, creamy teh tarik that's been thickened with xanthan gum) that accentuates and complements the dish - but make no mistake, the Breakfast is all about that nasi so lemak. In an interesting twist, it seemingly pulls a lot of inspiration from the traditional lemang and sticky rice combo, with a satisfyingly fragrant pandan coconut rice that just about verges on being pulut-like. Then there's the sambal. The first notes are immediately sweet (with the sickening dread of running into yet another Village Park sub-standard sambal), but it quickly blooms into a heat coating the back of the throat. One of the best sweet sambals out there! .
As always, blog post upcoming soon about our full visit to Fifth Palate. Find out our full thoughts on the Malaysian Breakfast and more there. In the meantime, the Malaysian Breakfast is a must-try, so get on it!
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Love the full-of-peanut-butter-filling French toast and comfy breakfast plate! No more Monday blue, eh?

This is a breakfast done right! Most importantly the In-House made Chutney is super tasty! 😋 Although it may be slightly pricier compared to other cafes, the quality of food, ambience of the place and good customer service make this place worth visiting.👍

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Heard and read so many mixed reviews (reviews which are of two extreme ends) about this place so finally we gave it a try. We ordered the Butcher's Breakfast (RM 29) and Wheatgrass Yoghurt (RM 5). The Butcher's Breakfast has the usual suspects like eggs, sausages, home made chutney, hash browns etc but the portion is a tad small given the price tag. The playing reminds me of YBR but YBR has a slight advantage for the portion served eventhough their Big Breakfast costs more than RM 30. However, the star is the Wheatgrass Yoghurt! The sweetness is just nice with a slight hint of pandan flavour which is refreshing to cleanse the palate after a hearty brunch. The service though needs significant improvement as the kitchen was jammed up and we waited for more than 30 mins for this to be served to us despite numerous reminders were given. The lady was kind enough to ask us whether we need any other orders (coffee, chocolate, desserts etc) which will be on the house as they were very apologetic on the jammed up orders.


Situated in KD, Fifth Palate serves hearty breakfasts from Turkish Baked Eggs to Ramen! I have heard good reviews so far and decided to try the Butcher's Breakfast (RM 29) a pan filled with sausages, hash browns, ham/bacon, portobello mushrooms, eggs, cherry tomatoes, rye bread and (the must-try) chutney!! It was a delightful meal, and I definitely recommend anyone to come here 👍🏻