Cheesecake Bingsu

$14.90 Β· 13 Reviews

Trying out all sorts of flavors! Was never quite a shaved ice fan until this came into my life some time ago! #λΉ™μˆ˜ #koreanfood

What's not to love? 🍧


The shaved ice was so flaky and smooth and soft it just melts upon touching your tongue~~ Damn good after-meal dessert man!

vanilla ice cream, cheesecake cubes and powdered Graham crackers on top of snowflakes. not as nice as injeolmi bingsu though..

Happiness in bowl of cheesecake bingsuπŸ§πŸ™†


Overall i will rate 7/10 for the cheesecake($14.90 if im not wrong) . Better if u would share it with a friend . And the karei rice cake is not really worth it . I prefer the original spicy ricecake which has 7 pieces compare to the one in the picture 😌

The first bingsu place I've been to, and since then I've became a loyal fan of it, especially with the majority of food bloggers I follow seconding on how nungsongyee is the best bingsu place in singapore. I'm quite skeptical about trying other places, when I'm just really happy with nunsongyee's. But of course after 3 trips, it's time to try out other places as well! Bingsu featured in photo includes: Black Seasame Bingsu $18.90/Cheesecake Bingsu $14.90. Verdict: These are really good with their fluffy snow-like ice and not overly sweet toppings. I would see it continuing to be my favourite despite growing competitors emerging in the bingsu field.. I'll return again soon! 4.50/5.0

I love the texture of the shaved ice, it's as smooth as snow, just like the name of this cafe, Nunsongyee λˆˆμ†‘μ΄ which means Snowflake in Korean.
Thanks @stormscape for compiling a list of cafes that are opened during CNY which makes it so convenient as most of the cafes don't update their CNY operating hours on their FB page or IG. And the world is so small, I bumped into him & @explodingbelly when I was there. πŸ˜ƒ