Pork Belly Banh Mi

$9.50 · 2 Reviews

Had the pork belly bahn mi. Fatty slabs with fats melt in the mouth, the sweet soury tangy taste of sriracha, all atop warm white crusted bread and fond memories of Vietnam roadside hawkers squabbling with fast tongues of their dialect, sharp like cheddar. Sandwich experience maximised by personal memory really.


Slow-cooked Pork Belly, Fresh Lettuce, Vegetable Pickle, Sriracha, Coriander. Tried another stall that I hadn't yet tried at Pasarbella since my friend and I ended up there unexpectedly for lunch and perhaps one of the better Banh Mi I have had. There is a choice of Rye, Multigrain, Italian Ciabatta and Soft White Roll; went with the latter because it was recommended as the best option for this item and no regrets at all. I never have had Pork Belly slices so chunky in a Banh Mi; perhaps sous-vide, the pork belly was soft, but had a good flavour from its thickness while flavoured with a sweet spiciness from the Sriraccha. All that went well with the crisp soft white roll, which held substantial bite without feeling all too dense nor too light went you sink your teeth in, with the pickled vegetables lined in between. It's substantial for lunch, but all without leaving you too full for a cuppa from Sarnies and even dessert elsewhere.