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Fried Mee Sua Kueh

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Not my first time but still interesting.

back here for my favourite red bean pancake and mee sua kueh!!!! highly recommend these two πŸ’―πŸ’―

The perfect dim sum place the opens till 6am in the morning to feed the hungry bellies in the wee hours. Their signature mee suah kueh is a must-order kind of dish over at Swee Choon. It's like carrot cake made of mee suah then fried to give a crispy and soft texture.

XLB was still as good as before with the skin not being too thick/thin enough to break and spill the soup before it goes into my mouth.

Not forgetting to request for their hae bee hiam to pair their dim sum!

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao δΈŠζ΅·ε°η¬ΌεŒ…Β γ€‹$4.50
Rice Roll with Prawn ι²œθ™Ύθ‚ η²‰Β γ€‹$4
Glutinous Rice with Chicken 糯米鸑 》$2.50
Mee Suah Kueh 青线粿 》$2.40

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This glutinous chicken is one of the recommended items at 2.50. Very palatable and look at the large mushroom and chunks of meat given. I enjoyed this much more than my mee sua kueh which came really fast but I think it was just taken off the takeaway counter. Having said that, it’s been ages since I’ve been to swee choon and I must say business is BOOMING. I came at 5.50pm (opened at 6pm) and there was a snaking long queue of both locals and tourists. Dim sum is generally served fast and I guess the affordable meals and large variety of HK and Shanghai Dim Sum keep people going back!

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I've been to Swee Choon for many instances, but it is the first today that I've tried their noodle dishes. In my honest opinion, I'm not a big fan of it as the dishes are good but lack the wow factor. Their dim sum dishes on the other hand, are consistently good. Dim sums to get are the steamed pork ribs that are bursting with umami flavours, the fried mee suah cake, their salted egg yolk buns and to finish off, their Portuguese egg tarts!

On a side note, you can reserve seats through Chope and pay through favepay for some cashbacks!

Dim Sum breakfast at Swee Choon with my mum and family!

Noodle with fried wanton for Jerrenz since he doesn’t eat dim sum

The har gao is really fresh, love the prawns 🦐 we ordered another plate after trying!

Carrot kueh, mee suan kueh and fried beancurd rolls are very crispy and yummy. The rest are pretty normal.

Almost $50 for the 5 of us

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Like a fried carrot cake but made with fried vermicelli, it had an appealing texture from the strands of soft Mee Suah, crispy outside and bouncy within.
Spanning over 4 shop spaces, the crowd at Swee Choon was consistent from dinner to supper hours, there to enjoy their wide range of Shanghai and HK Dim Sum.

The late night dim sum place. Was at Mustafa & dropped by just because. Been here 5 times over the years, left disappointed each time. Not a fan & much prefer 126. Always a crazy long queue during dinner and people all through the night. Perhaps i'm missing smth.

Rating: 5/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No (not worth the calories imo)

Pros: Wide variety. They have dim sum, la mian, soups, desserts, cooked food. Good vibe for supper. Fav dish: Mee sua kueh

Cons: Someone please teach me what to order! I don't get it, am i ordering all the wrong stuff? Food is subpar, for all the hype/attention/love it's been receiving over the years...πŸ˜” Soya milk extremely sweet.

Price: S$13.25 for everything pictured