Sweet Potato Pancake with Azuki and Vanilla Ice cream

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Smoked duck on the left while on the right is the sweet potato and Matcha pancake. The pancake is soft and fluffy, which tasted like silky omelette. Prefer the savoury one, simplely because it might become soggy in the sweet dishes resulted by the sause or ice cream.

Pretty average to be honest(?)

But I’m personally a huge fan of sweet potato, so I greatly enjoyed the bits of sweet potato inside ~

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Thick waffle sprinkle with purple sweet potato.


And we were like.. oh no.. looked like the omelette we had for lunch.
Not the usual nice round flat pancakes. This was a rugged round pancake with a soft and light texture similar to an omelette. Topped with roughly chopped pistachio nuts and drizzled with grand marnier sauce. A huge dollop of purple sweet potato which we liked very much. A huge dollop of vanilla ice cream in a separate cup by the side.
We were scratching our heads... huh?? Are we suppose to eat this on its own or throw it on the pancake? Then it hit me... pancake was hot. If the ice cream was served together it will melt fast and pancake will end up being soggy. Logical? So we waited for it to cool alittle before putting it all together. Not too sweet, nice crunch from the nuts and the dissolved grand marnier gave that gentle hint of acidity and citrussy. Yes yes... we had a good time demolishing our dessert. Yummy too!! #pancakes #dessertlovers #teabreak #hungrygowhere #burpplemessyeats #burpple #opensnap #stfoodtrending #8dayseat #sgig #sgfoodies #sgbloggers #instafoodsg #instafollow #eatbooksg #singaporeinsiders #dgoodcafesg #cafesg

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Very very hard and dry waffles. Disappointing. Would not try the waffles again I guess you should just stick with the pancakes even though there may a really long waiting time. The strawberry sauce given wasn't enough for the whole waffles and it definitely was a challenge for me to finish the waffles because of the dryness of it. The only good thing was that the waffles wasn't as filling as others from other cafes.

It has the flavour of waffle, texture of multiple delicious soft-chewy crepe stacked together, and lingering caramel flavour from the Maillard reaction during the pan fry. The sides of the pancake is nice and slightly crispy, making each bite truly enjoyable (and so much to experience). However, I find the mashed sweet potato too gao, and it makes the entire dish too jerlat. I only managed to finish a quarter of the ball of mash sweet potato and I almost died of food boredom. Would recommend them to use sweet potato ice-cream instead. It will make this dish a much more interesting in both taste and texture. #sgcafe #sweetpotato #pancake #skillet #dgoodcafe #dgoodcafemenu #dessert #review #sgcafehop #sgfood #instafood #foodlover #review #reviewig #pancake #foodlover #instafood #foodporn #hollandvillage #singapore #cafe #cafeculture #openricesg #burpple #nomnomsg

Initially ordered the matcha pancake but they were out of sweet potato. Got this instead. Surprisingly good. Imagine bitter-sweet thick lava oozing out from the cake which each of the first scoops. Paired with chocolate drizzled across the plate. Matcha lava cake can't get any better than this. Delicious bit of dessert. Share the food, share the calories!

D'Good Cafe doesn't serve any ordinary pancakes, Fluffy Deutsh Skillet Pancakes (Dutch Baby Pancakes) has a light, omelette-like texture. Grand Marnier Sweet Potato Pancake ($12). Mashed sweet potato with azuki crushed pistachio,matcha grand marnier sauce and vanilla icecream. A perfect combination, you can also taste bits of azuki beans with each bite. Eat it while its hot! 😋👍🏻

Cannot take photo for too long because we have to eat it piping hot!!!! Hot and crispy pancake served with thick and rich sweet potato puree and matcha sauce. All these top with vanilla ice cream. That combination of hot and cold, sweet and savoury! 😍 It was so worth the 1 hour wait!!

One of d'Good Cafe's popular Deutsch skillet pancakes with pistachio, azuki beans, matcha dressing, a generous amount of mashed sweet potato and vanilla ice cream ($12). It's a rather unique and flavorful combination but I thought the sweet potato was a bit overwhelming sometimes - maybe because I didn't have it immediately when it was hot :x Also had the maple sea salt latte which was delicious!