Gangster Mango Ice (#01-21, Jin Jin)

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The difference between the Cendol here and elsewhere is the fact that their Gula Melaka Syrup is not diluted at all. It's made of raw gula melaka from Indonesia and cooked down to the consistency of caramel.
While it's drenched with the syrup, the dessert itself is not overly sweet, when mixed together with the red bean and green jelly. at $2 at bowl, i would gladly have this everyday.

They call it Gangsterice. A combination of snow ice, condensed milk, mango and real durian makes your $3 so worth it.

ζ¦΄θŠ’ε†° (Gangster Ice)
Mango (probably soaked in sugar syrup) ice topped with durian puree.

πŸ’Έ: $3
πŸ‘…πŸ’­: 😐
Maybe i dont like the durian puree too much...feels that it didnt go well with the mango. Would love to have more milk in the ice. Probably not worth the wait actually. I would rather have sth else on the menu.

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I didn't get the Durian Mango Ice though. #instafood #singapore #burpple


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Just opposite the famous hokkien mee to cool you down after all the queueing and flame breathing chili food. As I'm "allergic" to durian. So here's 桁氓冰 without the "榴" πŸ˜‚ really good fresh sweet mango cubes with condensed milk along with ice shavings.

Jin Jin Hot & Cold Drinks are famed for their Gangster Ice! (mango ice topped with durian)

Generous serving of huge mango chunks (: