Saveur's Pasta

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However, you can still enjoy the food, beverages and desserts from Saveur, MediumRare, FrapasBar and Bread & Butterfly by ordering from their newly launched one-stop online ordering store (link below). The online store will make available all the favourites from the group’s four concepts, including signature dishes and ice cream.

Ordering from the online store is so convenient because from a single order, I can get the Striploin Steak 200g ($18) from MediumRare, Signature Saveur Pasta ($9), Sticky Date & Pecan Pudding ($10) from FrapasBar and a teriyaki salmon rice bowl ($15). If you have been an avid supporter of the Saveur Group’s concepts, do check out their online store and order away! You can either opt for self-pickup from their restaurants or delivery with a minimum order of $50.

There is also a promotion from now to June whereby you get to enjoy a 10% off all orders, on top of ongoing promotions, when you enter the promo code JULIUS10OFF before checkout.
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I ate a bit alr, hence quantity looked small but got quantity doesn’t mean there’s quality. The fries were soo bad leh - no truffle taste & cheapo chili. I’m paying $10 for this?? The saveur pasta - it’s good but it’s soo little and it used to have the “meat” thingy?? It’s gone too 👎🏽 I used to love Saveur but will be visiting Poulet from now on 🙄

This angel hair pasta was a decent starter but the price tag makes it a little painful cos it wasn't exactly worth-it I feel. The truffle taste and scent was faint.

Saveur Pasta - $9
The beautifully plated dish is made of capellini, topped with handful of sakura ebi, pork sauce, chive, shallot & flavoured with extra truffle oil. Flavourful and unique starter to kickstart the dinner. Beef En Cronte ($34) is a baked beef pastry with mushroom duxelle, foie gras & bordelaise sauce. A nice pick for a hearty meal. Pan-Seared Seabass ($24) is a healthy pick for those who love seafood. Remember to end off the meal with a dessert

With the opportunity to try some dishes, I realised that the concept for Saveur is more of a casual French restaurant setting 🙊

Tried the Saveur Pasta ($9), Crab Tortellini ($22), Beef En Croute ($34) and ended off with Creme Brûlée ($10) and Pistachio Baileys Panna Cotta ($12)! 🍬

For the pasta 🍝, the light aroma of truffle oil which coats each strand of pasta was a winner for me while the sakura ebi added the crunch to this dish! 💥

For the mains I preferred the crab tortellini 🦀 for its handmade tortellini and sweet crabmeat. Also appreciate that the tortellini isn’t too thick! The beef en croute (beef baked in pastry w mushrooms 🍄 and foie gras) was a little tough to chew though.

🤩 My favourite part of this meal was the desserts! Absolutely loved the creme brûlée with its smooth and creamy texture. Another blessing is the optimal amount of sweetness, not excessively sweet 🤤. The pistachio w baileys panna cotta 🍮 also caught me by surprise with the baileys cream being intense in flavour, complementing the nutty flavour profile of the pistachio! 💞

❣️ Thank you @saveursg for the delectable meal!

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Pumpkin soup - chive cream, pumpkin seed [$8]
Saveur Pasta - capellini, Sakura ebi, pork sauce, chive, shallot, truffle oil [$9]

Not too pricey and a little nostalgic place for me since they have opened for many years and it has been some time since I last had their food.
✔Signature confit duck* (19): Crispy outer skin, and tender meat that falls off the bone easily. Definitely like as always, this is the highlight!
✔Saveur pasta (9): angel hair pasta with capellini and sakura prawns. There was a light whiff of truffle oil from the pasta. A good appetizer imo.
✔Pan seared Foie Gras (14): Decent portion though I would prefer the lentil a little sweeter.
✔Norwegian Salmon confit (12): Nicely done with great combi of conplements
✔Pot au Fen (Pork cheek, ribs, belly) (24): While the pork broth is sweet, I will skip this dish e next time.
✔Pistachio Baileys Panna Cotta* (12): Smooth cold dessert, caramalised pistachio and Baileys cream...hits the right note as a sweet end to your meal

Overall: ❤❤❤❤

This saveur pasta reminded me of our chinese fried hokkien mee. It serves as a really delicious apetizer! Al dente.

Original Saveur Pasta ($5.90) is one pretty and delicious appetizer. Mix and twirl well to get every strand of that al dente angel hair pasta coated with minced pork sauce, chilli oil, and those crispy and pretty pink sakura ebi. 😋 This highly raved pasta is also available as a main ($10.90).


Add on 1+ for their signature pasta

Good reason to be their signature. Portion is actually quite decent for a starter but more importantly the umami is really there. The pork with such a smooth texture I tot it was chicken lol. Combined with the konbu and sakura ebi it was big flavours from the very start