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Fried Chicken Wings

$8.00 · 58 Reviews

If you detox with vegetarian food, here is what you can get @IkeaSingapore

👉 12 Veg balls with couscous $6.50 each
👉 Ginger thins $2.50
👉 Add-on garlic bread $1.00
👉 Free of charge family tea & coffee
👉 Swedish Apple cake $3.50 (lucky treat as it’s always sold out fast)

As Festive season is approaching, we can’t help but hope to see more new dishes here. We didn’t see any new dish this time round except the salted egg chicken wings. The ikea restaurant is the highlight every time we visit IKEA (so more new!! inspiring dishes please!!! )

So @ikeasingapore has decided to take their original fried chicken wings to another level by creating a salted egg flavour. Though we had them taken away, I was still bought over by the scrumptiousness. If you are dining in, probably even more impressive.

Embellished by a luscious coating of creamy salted egg sauce, some might feel that its richness overshadowed the original marinate of the wings, but I wouldn’t mind for the indulgence. Watch the staff toss those wings in a bowl of potentially addictive yellow goodness, sprinkled with curry leaves and sliced chili padi. Not overly creamy or custardy, it actually makes a legit picnic snack.

Lotus leaf rice ($6.80) was good with lots of ingredients (salted egg, chestnut, chicken, mushroom) and the cheese tart ($2.60) had a nice crust and cheese filling. IKEA’s chicken wings are always good and their drinks are refillable ($1.50).

So it was a refreshing change to join the longstanding hype for once.
Mixed feelings towards the beef meatballs ($8 for 15) - these are great really, but anyone else who only prefers their beef in steak form? Only because the ‘beefy’ taste is distinct in other outside of steaks. Pretty fab chicken wings too, and surprisingly, the nuggets. These had a nice firm meaty bite to it, which hopefully means it has more actual meat than what we (don’t) know it usually is made of. #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #ikea #tgif

A little of everything I call this...

There’s the (western ) salmon set , (Italian) pasta with meat balls and Chinese ( chicken wings and lotus leaf rice ) .

There’s just this small little excitement about dining at ikea -it’s just the child in me 😊😀

Food was mediocre but filling nonetheless.

13 Apr’18, Fri⛅️
Wanted to eat chicken wings🍖, but looked at fish & chips🐟 and then ordered baked chicken leg...😅

Other than the famous meatballs and chicken wings, go for this! The huge tender chicken leg, like!

Portion is just enough, won’t get food coma after lunch...

Damage: $6.90
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Here we have a poached salmon fillet drizzled with a rich cream sauce, with sides of seasonal vegetables and lightly grilled cheese and vegetable stuffed potato cakes, courtesy of IKEA (need more chicken wings).


Chicken wings + meatballs + siomai + salad +cake for $26

My first experience in IKEA was totally amazing, surprisingly all food was superb. Meatballs with jam was so unusual being an Asian but its really taste good, its a mix and match. Everyone loves chocolate cake and I swear IKEA chocolate cake is really a must try, it’s moist chocolateyyyy perfection. It’s so rich with the perfect balance of fluffy and fudgy.